Where To Buy Pre-Used Baby Stuff in India

Baby Stuff in India

Let’s face it – kiddie stuff doesn’t come cheap. If you are going to have a baby soon, you are probably factoring in costs for a pram, clothes, play pen, baby carrier, bottle sterilizer, toys, baby bags, cribs, bassinets and what not. And as any parent will tell you, all these can take a huge scoop out of your savings.

Since you will be using most of these items for barely a few months, it makes perfect sense to buy them second hand and then push them back into rotation when you are done using them. You will be surprised that most second hand stuff for babies that is up for sale is almost as good as brand new – because you know, babies are not as messy with stuff as they are with themselves.


If you have children in the extended family, you will probably get a good number of hand-me-downs but for those who don’t, there are a number of places where you can score baby stuff at dirt-cheap prices.

Precared is a niche buy-and-sell website that is a treasure trove for new parents. The site deals exclusively in kiddie products and you will find everything from branded baby furniture to toys and bath supplies at a fraction of the original price. The biggest perk here is that all products are cleaned and sanitized before selling, and they offer free shipping and 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product. The downside is that they have physical stores only in Mumbai – but that shouldn’t stop you from making full use of their classifieds section.


Babynook is another website that brings together parents who wish to buy and sell preowned baby stuff. While there are no quality checks in place, the website has a wide range of baby furniture, products, toys, accessories and clothes up on offer. All transactions are on a one-on-one basis between buyers and sellers, and the cost of shipping has to be footed by either party based on mutual agreement.

Indian Baby Store hasn’t really caught on in a big way as the inventory here is quite limited. However, it wouldnt hurt to browse through the website – who knows, you may be in for some surprises.


OLX and Quikr: This is where you can buy anything and everything. Though not exclusive, you are likely to find useful stuff across categories. Do insist on close-up pictures from multiple angles so that you are not stuck with a broken or damaged product.

Ask around: If you have friends or colleagues who have slightly grown up children, don’t hesitate to enquire if they are looking too sell off old stuff that the child has grown out of. Most people will be only too glad that you asked and you may land some pretty awesome deals.

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