5 Trending Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas Under Budget

Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings play a pivotal role in setting up a new relationship. These rings mark the beginning of a life long bond between the couples. Choosing the best engagement ring for your loved one can be a challenging task. Especially when there are a lot of choices those are available. Every person would want to buy an engagement ring that falls in his budget along with having all the bells and whistles.

Below, I am going to showcase the top 5 diamond engagement ring ideas under budget that are trending right.

#1. Adding a Double Halo
Adding a Halo to your engagement ring will make your diamond ring look bigger in size. Now if you add two halos to your ring then it will significantly increase its size. You can even add a thin micropave band to your double halo ring that will give it a floating appearance. The thin band will contrast with the large top area of the ring. This will increase the overall surface area of the design on the finger.

#2. Adding Cushion Cut around the Round Cut
Round cut diamonds are known for the brilliance and sparkle that is produced by them. There is no other diamond shape that even comes close to matching its brilliance. By adding a cushion shaped halo to a round cut, the diamond will appear to be a larger one. Adding a square shaped halo would be the right way to go as it would create corners. These corners will make the center of the ring appear larger.

#3. Selecting a Long Diamond Shape
Diamond shapes that are long or are elongated will tend to appear larger which makes them look more expensive. A cut that is longer will take more space on the finger that will give a bigger face appearance. A few of the elongated diamond shapes are marquise, pear shape and oval cut.

#4. Adding Colored Metal Band
The engagement rings which have a two tone color are quite popular these days. By adding two colors, the overall appearance of the center stone will be enhanced. Different colors add contrast between the band and the top of the ring. An engagement ring that has a white gold halo set and a band in rose gold will look great. By getting a right combination of colors on a ring you will be able to make the ring stand out and convert it into a center of attraction.

#5. Add Colored Gemstones
By adding colored gemstones to an engagement ring you will be able to increase its overall appearance. Colored gemstones are a good way to make an engagement ring look unique and colorful. You can find gemstones in different colors, however, a few of the popular choices of gemstones include emeralds, sapphires and rubies. The gemstone can be placed next to the central diamond on its sides.

#6. In The End
All the diamond engagement ring ideas that have been showcased in the article will give your ring an attractive look. Implementing these ideas is quite budgeting friendly and will not force you to spend a significant amount.

Evie Jones is a blogger associated with Melbourne based Diamond Company, an online store that offers cushion cut diamond at affordable cost. Evie also have an experience of working with the renowned team of diamond craftsmen. In mean time, Evie loves to explore and share the latest diamond ring trends with others.

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