Why Tom and Jerry Is A Popular Cartoon Show Even Today?

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry, the popular cartoon show, does not need any introduction as it is watched all over the world.

For the last 78 years it has been ruling the hearts of millions of people. No matter how old you are, the funny characters Tom, a cat and Jerry, a house mouse, has been able to make you laugh with their cute and hilarious mischief for years now.

Started in 1940, the original series continued to make people laugh till 1958 and from then on various spin offs were created and aired. Here are few reasons why the cartoon show has been able to maintain its charm for almost 8 decades –

It’s a Classic
The well known programme is a classic program not only for school goers but also for the people of all ages because of two main reasons. The first reason is its classic music. The evergreen show hooks it’s viewers with classical music which is simply awesome and beautifully executed. The timing of the music with its scene is just perfect and that’s why it entertains all the viewers.

The second reason that grabs our attention is the storyline with the two main characters of the show Tom and Jerry. Tom always starts a fight with Jerry and keeps finding reasons to trouble him in any way, but Jerry, the little mouse not only outsmarts Tom each time but also gives him a good lesson.

Worldwide Charm
You will hardly find a child who doesn’t like watching cartoons and given the popularity that Tom and Jerry has, kids will want more of it. Perhaps it is the reason that it has been the longest-lived rivalries in American cinema and has won the prestigious Oscar award along with seven other academic awards for its wonderful work.

No matter from what part of the world you come from, the comedy of the programme is enough to make your heart rejoice while cracking you up in laughter. The beauty of it is that you won’t be able to stop yourself   from watching it over and over again.

It’s got Spike
Although the show is titled after its protagonists Tom and Jerry, that doesn’t mean Spike the bulldog isn’t one of the key characters. He has done his bit to make us laugh out loud with his constant face offs with Tom. In the show, he is more or less Jerry’s bodyguard and he is also the one who had the power to set Tom straight. He is a fierce canine with a big heart and the most loving daddy that little Tyke could ever have!

Spike was Tom’s worst nightmare and he wouldn’t dream of getting anywhere near him even with dog clippers in his hand. We are sure you will agree with us when we say that Spike was as much as a central character as Tom and Jerry were. So what he didn’t appear in every episode?

Great Cartoon and Animation
Almost eight decades have gone by since its inception but the show yet remains one with the perfect combination of animation, music, sound effects and illustration. It’s a gem, a masterpiece! The timing of the background music is always in perfect sync with a particular action or reaction of the characters not to mention their expressions as well!

The way the characters fight or deal with each other is related to human feeling of love and hate which is why it makes you feel that this action-reaction drama is a part of your own life. Their love hate relationship is portrayed in such a fantastic way that we simply can’t get enough of it.

The fabulous animation work and mind-blowing comedy are responsible for making it the best cartoon show ever made! No matter what mood you are in, there is nothing that Tom and Jerry cannot fix! There’s nothing like this out there and never can be, so bring back those happy childhood memories when it was just you and the TV and of course Tom and Jerry!

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