Interior decoration is much more like a puzzle because each room of your house requires different configurations. Today we are going to discuss about the living room and top 10 décor items for your living room space.

Living room is one of those spaces of a house where you spend most of your quality time and welcome your guests, that’s why your living room must be well organized. Few décor items can make your living room look awesome but choosing them is really a difficult task.

Every living room consist few basic elements including couches, chairs, television, ottoman, photos, colored walls, few artworks, pillows, blankets etc. The main challenge is to put these stuffs in an order otherwise the living room space will look cluttering. Let’s start the list:

Living Room Space


Bring some life to your concrete and lifeless home with few indoor plants. No matter if you have a small living room space or own a huge one; plants are so versatile that can get fit into almost every interior.

Decorating your living room with plants will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Indoor plants can survive on minimum or even no sunlight and also requires less maintenance and care. I have featured few indoor plants theme for your living room.

  • Tropical Theme
  • Large plant
  • Small plants at the window
  • Plant shelve
  • Hanging plants
  • Plants in glass vase

Rocking Rugs

Rugs are the essentials of any living room and you must also spend money on buying quality rugs for your living room. Picking a rug according to your room’s interior and size is very important or else it will be a total waste of money. Right selection of rugs for your living space can make a huge difference as well as it will complement the other stuffs too. Few tips to consider before buying a new rug;

  • Make sure choose the rug according to your room’s size
  • Provide great comfort
  • Easy to maintain and require less care
  • Color is the important factor, so choose wisely

Large and Bold Artpiece

Don’t just add an art piece because you think it should be included. Look for the best artpiece for your living room before spending money on it. You must buy art pieces according to your room’s interior and space. I have listed few art design ideas to consider:

  • More colorful art piece for neutral interior and basics
  • Bold paintings
  • Mixed media canvas
  • Bring something strange but exclusive
  • Huge photographs
  • Grayscale themes


The design and atmosphere of your living room offers the first most impression and therefore you need to work a lot on enhancing its charm. Curtains can be proved game changer and thus you must bring best curtains for your living room this year. When it comes to provide extra details to the windows, quality curtains plays an important role. Curtains not only set the mood but it also pull the other design elements altogether.

Few curtains ideas to consider:

  • Two toned lattice
  • Alternating damask
  • Country chic
  • Big and bold stripes
  • Two toned chevron
  • Floral designs
  • Bold colored or completely white pleated curtains

Work on Lights

Other rooms like kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or dining room of your house designed for specific tasks expect the living room. Living room witnesses a great range of activities and the best part is that it entertains each and every individual of your house. This multipurpose space need to be integrated with best and well planned lightings. The lights must be able to highlight almost the smallest details of your living room. Few lighting ideas I have listed below:

  • Multiple lights
  • Big ambient lights
  • Multiple fixtures
  • Sculptural Sconces

Include Something Personal

This will be an awesome idea and trust me it will work definitely. You may thinking about the kind of stuffs to be included capable in providing a personal touch to your living room. I have given few ideas below;

  • Include a huge photo frame having best and mesmerizing clicks of you and your loved ones
  • A single but huge portrait of your photo
  • Include a shelve of memorable things
  • If you are an artist then add your works too

Create More Space

If your living room space is huge then it’s ok but if you don’t own a king size living room then you must work on creating more space in your living room. You must look for the best ideas to create space from the existing space of your living room. You may think it is impossible to perform but it can be done you just need to follow the best ideas and some of them are listed below.

  • Have the right balance of furniture in your house
  • Create a loft if the ceiling is high enough
  • Use the corners
  • Include shelves
  • Keep the room stuffs organized

Upgrade the Fireplace

Nothing will make your room cozier than a good fireplace. No matter whether you own a traditional, modern, farmhouse kind of living room without a fireplace it won’t feels more welcoming. Fireplace makes the space more familiar, warm, comfortable, cozier and no doubt welcoming.

Few fireplace upgrade ideas to follow:

  • Install a mantel
  • Tile the area
  • Experiment art tiles
  • Build a stone veneer at the area surrounded
  • Granite slab surrounding

Bring Few Smart Home Gadgets

Smart home gadgets will turn your home from boring to wow. Include technology and innovation to entertain and amaze your visitors. If you are thinking about the kind of smart homes gadgets to be included let me allow introducing few of them here.

  • Smart TV’s
  • Google Assistant
  • Smart lightings and switches
  • Smart AC’s
  • High tech doorbell and CCTVs

Invest Smartly

Upgrading your living room with top notch décor items is great but the most important thing is that you must break your bank. Create the list of things you are going to upgrade and shop accordingly. Doing this will help you in saving money and prevent you from shopping unnecessary kind of stuffs. You must also create your budget which will allow you to spend in a more organized way. It will not be great idea to spend all you’re saving and most of your resources in upgrading your living room.

Bottom Line:

Living room is the place where people spend most of their time. No matter if you love to spend hours on your couch watching soccer, movies, your favorites shows or playing games, all you will do at your living room.

Living room is the best place to welcome your guests and you must make effort to build a better atmosphere there. I have tried my best to pick the best home décor items and ideas for you and this is really going to help you.