If you ask who runs this world, then we bet you’ll get the same answer – Girls! Don’t believe us? After reading this article, you’ll find that in today’s time and age, it’s the ladies out there who have been constantly kicking butts and making their mark in nearly every profession – sorry not sorry!

The kickass females mentioned in this list are encouraging examples of influential role models, who have not just nailed it at the top of their respective fields and trenches, but have also done their bit to make this world a much better place, particularly for all the girls and ladies across the globe.

Of course, we’ve put in our all to pick up the top 5 influential women (mind you, it wasn’t easy for us to leave any of them out, but then the list would’ve been double the size!), but we’re pretty sure we’d have missed out on some you ladies might be looking up to.

After all, there are a lot of female CFOs and CEOs in large-scale corporation, hard-hitting journalists and presidential candidates than we could ever count on our fingers.

So, without wasting any time, let’s immerse ourselves in the inspiration of these ladies and fire the imagination in us!

Sylvia Plath

A renowned playwright and novelist, Sylvia for most of us wouldn’t seem to be the right person to be on this realm of inspiring role models.

But let us tell you, she was bold and fearless to share her deepest feelings (sort of her legacy that can never be passed on even with the help of those free Will templates) with the rest of the world.

Based on mental illness, which was considered as taboo in the past, Plath’s semi-autobiographical novel – named The Bell Jar – is one of the best books she’s ever written. Moreover, her timeless poetries are amongst those works that still resonate even after her demise.

Maya Angelou

Angelou is not just a prominent poet, but also a dearly loved friend of Oprah and Obama. For a strong and powerful person that she is, it comes as no surprise that she has made her place on this list.

Maya is one of those poets who has managed to revolutionise an entire generation of people through her writing and poetry. Even more, because of her warm, calm spirituality and speeches on life filled with highs and lows, she has become the go-to poet and idol for each one of us.

Elizabeth Garret Anderson

You all might know Elizabeth Garret Anderson as a feminist, but what you need to know is that she was the first woman to become a physician and surgeon in Britain.

Well, that doesn’t sum up her entire life; in fact, she was the first British female mayor, first lady to become the dean of British medical school and first female medical doctor in France. For you, if she is not the very definition of role model and then we do not know what it!

Michelle Obama

First woman of the United Sates and an attorney, Michelle Obama is the most influential person this world has got.

Fortunately, she has put that influence to use in a wonderful manner, as Michelle concentrates on projects and programs like anti-obesity, helps change the country for its betterment, and more importantly strives hard for other females across the globe to receive the education they deserve.

Michelle is not just a devoted mother, accomplished writer and a fashion icon, but also has the entire world in her palm. Add to that, she is married to the most powerful man.

Oprah Winfrey

We thought of finishing this list with the most kickass female in the world and who better could it be other than our beloved Oprah Winfrey. An actress, philanthropist and all-round worldwide famous presence, Winfrey has endured a chaotic life, growing to become the most powerful female in today’s time and age!

Oprah owns a massively successful network and global following, stretching to millions, which she uses a way to enhance the welfare of her audience and works to create a positive impact on the world. Well, nobody can do it better than her.

So, that wraps our list of kickass female role models and we’re sure after reading about them you’ll be inspired even more to choose the right career path and conquer your goals!

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