In the 21st century technology has really evolved. One of the new revolutions is phones. We have come from using a phone for calls only to having a smartphone that runs most activities in our lives.

One of the features of a smartphone is the apps which basically provide content from social media, games or even a workout schedule. Apps have really changed everything we know about phones.

In 2017 it was approximated that there were 2.2 million apps on Apple store alone. This number keeps increasing with new ideas coming up.

But coming up with an app requires you to have coding skills in different programming languages. For the company to come up with a good application an app developer is needed. This may be a tricky situation that may cost time and money hence finding a good developer should be a top priority.

This article will seek to explain the qualities to look for when hiring one. As the CEO and professional web and mobile applications developer at VOCSO, I have some great ideas on how to hiring a perfect mobile application developer for your organization that I want to share with you via this article.

What to look for in a mobile app developer


The number of apps available is numerous. If a company wants its app to be unique, this is where imagination comes in. Your developer should be creative enough to come with new concepts to make it stand out. When doing interviews ask for ideas they have for the app.

From this, it can see how imaginative they are. I consider this as the essential quality to look for. Believe me, once you find a resourceful app developer you will have a really awesome product at the end.

An extensive portfolio

The previous works of a developer can tell a lot about their work. Find one who not only has had experience but made excellent apps. A portfolio tells a lot about the type of work and capability of a person.

By this, it can be judged whether they can deliver on the company’s vision. Although, this may not be always the case since there are others who have not had experience but can be impressive. Asking for them to do samples can also be a good way to find out their potential before employing.

Delivers on time

Creating an app does not have to be a time wasting experience. Employ a person who can finish the project on time. A developer who spends too much time will end up costing the company a lot of money in the end. Check on their previous work for completion rates.

Their knowledge

Creating an app is a process where a developer has to have different skills. First, the person to hire has to be knowledgeable in a different programming language. Test their skills before making a deal. It’s not only coding skills needed but also awareness in other areas such as design, testing and user interface. With all these quality work is assured.


Look for a mobile app developer who not only has a good portfolio but also former clients who can confirm their ability. Being in contact with former clients can give some information about the person being interviewed. Ask from different sources to get enough conclusive information.

Communication skills

A good developer should know how to communicate their ideas. This will come in handy when working for the company. One who does not know how to explain what they are coming up with can be hard to deal with. Lack of good communication will cause people headaches and in the end, the company will have to hire another developer. So look for one who can get along with other employees.

Passion for the project

Look for a person who understands what the company is trying to achieve. A developer who sees the company’s mission can bring lots of success as they will be working towards the same goal. This is as compared to finding one whose sole interest is making money.


As seen looking for a mobile app developer is not a walk in the park. Getting one who has the majority of these qualities will give the outcome needed. Does your business really need an app? If YES then all options should be considered at the time of hiring an app developer for your organization.

Working with a good developer will spare a lot of problems. The interview should be taken seriously. In the end, the company will benefit a lot from having well capable mobile developers.

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