Have you heard of the “vampire facial?” This procedure is actually a skin treatment that utilizes your own blood. The experts who do these treatments remove blood from your body and turn it into a treatment that gives you a youthful and glowing complexion.

Did you know that there’s a similar procedure for your hair? This treatment is called PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. It can help treat hair loss since it stimulates the follicles. You can find out more about this treatment here http://surehair.com/non-surgical-treatments/platelet-rich-plasma-therapy-prp/, or keep reading for additional facts.

How PRP Works

Like with vampire facials, the first step of PRP treatments involves removing some of your own blood. An expert will draw a tube of blood from your body, which goes into a centrifuge. As the centrifuge spins, it separates the red blood cells and the plasma.

The plasma is what is used in the procedure. It’s injected into the scalp, right at the same level as the hair follicles. This is where it will help the most. Many injections are done. Usually, one every half inch across the scalp, directly where the hair is thinning. The procedure only takes about half an hour, but the results can last for quite some time.

No Actual Risks Involved

Unlike hair transplant procedures, which are painful (especially after the numbing agent has worn off), there aren’t many risks involved in a PRP treatment. It uses your own blood, which is then injected back into your own body, just in a different area.

If you do experience any discomfort or mild pain, this is easily treated with a minor, over the counter painkiller. There’s also little downtime, and other than having to avoid blow drying your hair and not take any hot showers, the follow up is fairly minimal, according to http://surehair.com/non-surgical-treatments/platelet-rich-plasma-therapy-prp/.

Who Will It Help?

PRP treatments are designed to help just about anyone with hair loss. With that said, most of the successes lie in those who have very minor or early-stage hair loss. Many women have seen positive results from the treatment, especially those have it done to the part in the center of their scalps. Most women begin to notice their hair thinning in this area. With that said, men can benefit from the treatment as well. There are no rules stating that this treatment is for women only. Anyone who is experiencing hair loss will see some improvements after PRP treatments.

How Often Do I Need To Have It Done?

In order for PRP treatments to be successful, some repetition is required. You’ll need to have it done once a month for the first four months. After that, you’ll only have to go back every three or six months, depending on the extent of your hair loss and how successful the first treatments are.

How Will I Know It Worked?

The very first sign of a successful PRP treatment is a lack of hair shedding. Your hair will fall out less often, and then you’ll see some new growth appearing.

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