Wall tiles have become increasingly common in Indian homes. Once only found in kitchen or bathrooms, they have made their entry well and truly into all other areas. Today we find tiles equally visible in institutional spaces. In fact, the sale of institutional wall tiles may well take over residential sales.

The growth of the tie industry has been multi-faceted, benefiting all its component industries, such as digital wall tiles manufacturers. With remarkable growth in the last two years, Indian tile manufacturers are today among the world’s leading tile manufacturers.

If you are looking for wall tiles for your house, it is important to take some time and make the decision carefully. Since you will be stuck with them for some considerable time to come, do not be hasty in your decision.

Here are our tips on finding the right tiles for your house:

Decide what you want:
Before you start, decide what you are actually looking for. This is a more detailed process than you might imagine. First, make a list of all the rooms where you want to put wall tiles. The kitchen and bathroom are obvious choice, but are you also looking for wall tile for the living room, the pool area or the bedrooms? Next, decide on the type of tiles you are looking for. There is a really wide array of choices here, from styles to material. You can go through different designs sites as well to pinpoint patterns that appeal to you. Explore the different choices available today and understand what suits you best.

Make it location suitable:
As mentioned above, you must decide on the location. The type of tile you choose will be decided by where you place the tiles. For instance, ceramic wall tiles are extremely suitable for bathrooms where you need tiles that are resistant to heat and moisture. Their waterproof nature also helps in this location. On the other hand, natural stone tiles cannot be used in such high moisture areas. These are more suitable for spaces like the living room. Their luxurious finish and natural beauty makes them a perfect choice here.

Type of tile:
There are broadly two types of tiles: glossy and matt. A glossy surface reflects light and opens up a room, creating the illusion of space. This makes them perfect for smaller rooms like bathrooms. The gloss finish also helps in the water resistance. A matt finish, on the other hand, creates a more muted and calm atmosphere. It is perfect for a more sophisticated look where you want to create a calming space, like the living room or the bedroom.

Customized tiles:
Are you are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind look? If you are, there are two options available. You can go for designer tiles or find a digital wall tiles manufacturer who will customize your tiles. The former can be a tad expensive, but it is something truly unique with a great resale value! The latter option also offers you incredible flexibility in choices. You can literally pick and choose the design and pattern according to your choice. It is also far less expensive than the other option.

Decide material:
The materials available for tiles today are mind boggling. From ceramic to glass — you can take your pick. You can also avail incredible options in each category today. The factors that you have to keep in mind are the location (as explained above), the budget and your own preferences. Do extensive research on all kind of tiles available today before making your choice.

There is also no rule that says all tiles in your home have to be uniform. So, you can opt for ceramic tiles in your bathroom and put natural stones on your living room!

Decor style:
The design of the tile is decided by the decor. So, if you have a modern-styled home, opt for geometric-pattern subway tiles. Natural stones will go perfectly with a classic-decor, while glass tiles will suit an edgy new wave look.

Ultimately, this will decide all your choices. Tiles need not be expensive. If your budget permits, go for luxury tiles like designer tiles or natural stone tiles. Otherwise, you have more budget friendly options with porcelain tiles, followed by ceramic tiles. Today digital wall tiles manufacturers can actually replicate almost any design and texture, from mosaic tiles to natural stone, at a fraction of the cost!