Are you looking to overhaul your bathroom? As a room that sees heavy use, bathrooms are almost always the first to need a renovation. The constant splashing of dirty soapy water, disinfectants and cleaners dulls the tiles and corrodes the fixtures over time. Unfortunately, the bathroom is also one of the most neglected areas in a house.

Here are some simple tips and tricks you can use to renovate the bathroom, starting with bathroom wall tiles.

Replace the tiles
This may be a tad cumbersome, but a complete overhaul is sometimes important. Bathrooms can accumulate a lot of dirt and damage with use and the overhauling of tiles may not be a choice, but a necessity. It can also completely transform the bathroom. When changing the tiles, you could consider going for something completely different. After all, why be stuck with the same look? Think of the style of bathroom you would want and the colors you like. Fortunately, today there is a really wide spectrum in both material and colors to choose from. You can go for natural stones and a traditional look or try jazzy designer wall tiles.

Go for dramatic color
Many people play safe with their bathrooms, sticking to the usual pastel shades. But, why be predictable? Try an unexpected color and you may just find love it! The idea of renovation and design is to create an impact and boring predictable colors rarely do that. Trying a new color will solve that problem.

Try a screaming scarlet color rarely seen in bathrooms.
If you find that too overwhelming for the entire room, just try one accent wall or panel. You can also try glossy black tiles. Couples with stark white fixtures, it can be very dramatic. All you need is a good lighting system.

Go for the unexpected:
It is not more fun to go for the unexpected, since no one quite expects that! So, try something completely unexpected. Try glass bathroom wall tiles India as a backsplash to the sink or at the bath area. You can get colorful and striking patterns in glass tiles. You can also try unusual fixtures, such as brass faucets in an unusual design or unusual shaped bathtub.

This is one factor that can completely change a room. Most people just stick to the usual lights. But this is a wasted opportunity. Try vanity lights around the bathroom mirror. It is not just a good decor point; it can also make your everyday grooming tasks easier. You can also go for really dramatic, like hanging a chandelier! This may seem extreme, but nothing screams flamboyance and style as a chandelier in the bathroom!

Get some green in:
A little green touch can live any space, quite literally. Potted plants in the bathroom can make a real difference, giving it a calm and soothing touch. You can choose from small potted indoor plants that can be kept on countertops or shelves. If you have the space, you can also go for a tall plant in the corner.

From replacing bathroom wall tiles to re-doing the lighting, there are many ways to make a bathroom stylish and full of personality.