Smiles on the rise

An increasing amount of people are seeking out dental treatments to achieve a longer lasting smile. Up and down the country, more and more patients of all ages are turning to cosmetic dentistry.

Speculation over the reasons behind this increase across the board of people now seeking a dentist in Stevenage maintains that the rise is, in part, due to the increase in social media usage and documentation.

Others feel that the increase can be attributed to the exposure, through the media, of celebrities and movie stars – and their perfect smiles, who are viewed throughout our daily lives.

Whatever the reason may be, the fact of the matter is that a growing number of people are taking the first step, seeking out dental treatments to achieve a healthier smile.

Filling in the spaces

Some of the most widely sought after cosmetic procedures, which have a significantly positive impact on the well-being and self-confidence of those who seek them, are those of dental implants to replace missing teeth.

These are only typically called for in cases when a patient’s tooth or teeth are damaged beyond repair, or lost entirely. Implants are a permanent solution to large gaps within a patient’s mouth.

Those who suffer from an untreated missing tooth can find it to have a largely negative impact on both their oral and social health. It can often lead to bone loss or impairment of speech. Thanks to the wonders of modern dental science, those who have a missing tooth can find their smiles to be fully restored thanks to dental implant procedures.

The procedure of getting dental implants initially begins with a consultation between the patient and their trusted dental practitioner. This consultation is carried out to gauge the patient’s eligibility for implant treatment, as well as to detail the positive impact that dental implants could have on their oral health.

Thereafter, providing the patient is willing to go ahead, the installation process will begin. This starts with a small hole being surgically made within the jawbone of the patient, in the gap where they are missing a tooth, or teeth. Then a false root, made of titanium is inserted.

This root is made of titanium due to the metal’s unique biocompatibility properties.  Throughout the healing period that follows, the titanium fuses within the jawbone of the patient which results in the socket being firmly embedded, just as a natural tooth would be.

Then a replica tooth is fixed into the socket, which results in the gap being permanently bridged with an indistinguishable, sturdy new tooth that will fully restore the patient’s smile.

Shine like stars

Shine like stars

Another, vastly popular and sought after form of cosmetic dentistry is cosmetic teeth whitening. This is a process which has been designed to rid patients of years of superficial staining on the enamel of their teeth.

This staining may have been caused by some lifestyle choices, such as taking certain medications, smoking, or drinking red wine, tea or black coffee. The process of receiving tooth whitening consists of applying a layer of a specialist whitening gel directly to the front of a patient’s teeth, which is then activated by shining a specialist UV light to them.

The bleaching agent begins to work almost immediately and can erase years of staining and discolouration in a matter of hours, allowing patients to walk out of the practice with a whiter, cleaner smile and a renewed sense of self-confidence.

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