Gaming communities have been in existence ever since the first generation of games came out. Back then, people had no way of actively seeking each other out. Every meeting was by chance, which is why communities weren’t as big. In recent times, however, the establishment of these communities have been made purely through the internet.

Although there is a plethora of game communities, majority of them is built around online games. Almost all online games community are composed of players diligently dedicated to them. These communities used to lurk in the shadows of the internet – in secret forums and unknown websites – but they’ve started to enter the spotlight due to the explosion of gaming and e-sports.

With this popularity came the bad press that only highlighted the negatives and ignored the positives. Because of this, gamers have shown reluctance towards joining online gaming communities. It’s unfortunate to see this happening because gaming communities offer a lot of benefits that are hard to find elsewhere.

Reliable Source of Information

Gaming communities are the one-stop shop for all the latest info regarding gaming. It’s not just about the games, too. Information about the latest gaming technologies, gadgets, and consoles circulate these communities on a daily basis. If there’s something you want to know about a particular gadget or game, you can bet that someone in the community can answer it.

Although there are trolls that disrupt these communities and plant false information, members are capable of sniffing them out and have them banned immediately. Through this, they can guarantee that any and all information shared in the community is legitimate and reliable – or at least isn’t completely made up.

Infinite Well of Gaming Tips and Tricks

The best kind of information you can get from these gaming communities are the gaming tips and tricks. The people who give these tips and tricks are gaming experts and veterans. They have spent countless hours playing games and unlocking every secret there is.

Communities often mark some of these tips as “spoilers” especially when they reveal key story elements, so you don’t have to worry about getting spoiled about the game. You can just click to unlock them when you’re stuck in a level and have done everything in your power to progress albeit to no avail.

Of course, if you come across a hidden event or a secret that the community has not yet found, you can also share it to other members.

Great Place to Meet New People

The most common reason people join online gaming communities and the best part of the entire experience if we’re being honest is meeting new people. These are people that you wouldn’t have met any other way besides online. And these are people that you have a lot in common with starting with your interest in gaming.

It is even possible for these online friendships to transcend boundaries and carry over in the real world. It can go beyond friending each other on Facebook or following each other on twitter and even past the semi-regular chatting and co-op playing. Members of these communities eventually meet in real life and some become life-long friends.

Gives Gamers a Sense of Belonging

Okay, maybe we were lying a bit when we said that the best part about gaming communities is meeting people similar to you. What’s actually the best part is the sense of belonging that one gets from being a part of said communities.

There are some members of these communities who were never part of anything exciting and fulfilling their whole life. Kids who spent their days growing up around demoralizing and degrading people who were not able to see their worth.

Online gaming communities change all that. Even if you say that it’s just online, it’s still a community that can accept them for who they are and what they love. It’s a place where they feel in place and not out of it – a luxury they were deprived of for a long time.

Key Takeaway

An online gaming community can offer so many benefits for gamers despite what the media and press say about them being bad. It can be gamers’ main source of reliable information regarding anything and everything about gaming. Gamers can also turn to these communities when they’re stuck on a particular game.

But the best part about them is the friendships and relationships that are formed between members. These bonds made over the internet give people a sense of belonging. Whether it is mirrored in real life or not doesn’t matter. Friends are all the same regardless of whether you met them on- or offline.