The feel of glossy paper to your fingers and the vibrant colours in magazines are extremely appealing. This combination, along with high definition quality images in a magazine attracts you pick one up and read it.

At times, it happens that you are not in a mood to read long, extended articles or a book. This is why you sometimes opt to pick a magazine for leisure and enjoy reading short extracts instead. There are different genres of magazines like business, décor and lifestyle, to name a few.  Every individual is interested in a specific genre and this is the one in which they usually prefer to read.

Below we have short-listed the names of good décor magazines for those who are interested in all things interior design:

House Beautiful
In the early 1950’s, this magazine was introduced to the UK with the target audience being home-makers. This magazine is issued to impart practical interior design ideas, and stylish inspiration, to name just a few.

House Beautiful also gives advice on decorating, renovating and gardening to home-owners. However, there are circumstances where you need an industry expert to suggest décor ideas as per your needs – that’s when you get in touch with experts like Saturn Interiors. Plus, experts have the potential to create the dream home you’re hoping to have one day.

Besides, this magazine has influenced the décor of several beautiful households.

Elle Decoration UK
This magazine comprises of excellent interior design examples from lights and accessories to fabrics, furniture and wallpapers. An avid reader won’t be surprised to know that this is the world’s leading home and lifestyle magazine.

Elle holds a niche value in the eyes of every individual who likes reading about home décor.

Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest is yet another leading architecture magazine. They provide immense knowledge in interior architecture and design by world class designers. This magazine is considered an inspiration to interior designers, as well as interior design enthusiasts.

This magazine not only gives amazing residential décor examples, but also commercial décor tips too. There is the possibility that this magazine is not available in every part of the world, as it is only sold in specific areas. But, if you can get your hands on it, it’s certainly worth reading.

You will rarely find a magazine with the unique combination of interior architecture, design ideas, material suggestions, great quality products and furniture all in one.

Homes and Gardens
You can consider this magazine to be one of the vintage magazines for home décor in the UK. Homes and Gardens started to be printed and distributed in 1919 in the UK. They proudly celebrate the beauty of classic British style on each page of its magazine. With experience of over 90 years, Home and Gardens are a brilliant source to get familiar with interior design. They are highly skilled at depicting real-life stories in beautiful, glossy photography, which they proudly display on each of their pages.

If you are someone who has judged the magazine by its name, then you will find that you are highly mistaken. Sleeper is an international magazine which specialises in hotel design, development and architecture. It is an exciting magazine which covers the latest news of hospitality interior décor projects, trends and practices. This magazine has a huge influence on improving the hotel industry in terms of design and hospitality.

If you ever hear about any of the world’s leading magazines, then ‘Frame’ is likely to be one of them. It is considered to be a leading media brand having earned respect from interior design experts everywhere. Readability of this magazine is popular among interior designers as well as magazine lovers. The quality information that this magazine imparts in regard to interior architect, commercial interior design and hospitality is truly exceptional. They have the potential to impart knowledge and inspire readers merely through products, materials and attractive colours.

You could say it’s an outstanding interior design package in the form of a magazine.

25 Beautiful Homes
This magazine offers spectacular yet realistic home decor tips. This magazine can provide you with ideas for 25 rooms, include the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. This means that the magazine has the ability to design approximately 300 inspirational homes from their issues published throughout one year.

The World of Interiors
This is a monthly magazine which features well-designed articles and glossy photographs about interior design. If you pick any number of their issues, you will notice that they have a brilliant combination of contemporary interior design styles – enough to inspire anyone.

All of the above magazines appear to be one and the same, but if you read them or pay a good amount of attention to the task, you will notice there is one or two specific elements which makes each of them different from the other.

This element can be the quality of the images, article language, the glossy paper, or the content that they pick to reflect the brand. Now, go grab one of each and work out which is your favourite!