For any kitchen room, it is visually important to keep up with the rest of the house theme. You definitely don’t want to step into your kitchen room and feel like you have been teleported to somewhere a few decades back. While designing a house, it is essential that every room compliments the next one.

Kitchen rooms usually are not taken into consideration while designing. However, with Saturn Interiors you are guaranteed to be involved in all the details and levels of designing. They also make sure that the kitchen room is designed in accordance to your house design.

You can also come up with your own design ideas and explain it to the designers. If you are looking for some inspirations, here are some of the best kitchen cabinets and units ideas that you can incorporate in your kitchen.

Light Blue Kitchen Units

Well no other colour creates a cheerful vibe better than light blue. Have light blue kitchen cabinets and units which work well with chrome pendant lights. The kitchen flooring should be wooden and the work surface should be simply black marble – adding a much needed darker shade to the light themed kitchen. Overall, the kitchen design is simple, elegant and very English.

The Absolute Black Kitchen

Incorporating the traditional elements in your kitchen along with sleek monochrome details paired and black coloured units results is a perfect proportioned simplicity. We understand that black is usually the first choice for kitchen cabinets and units. But if you think about this design, you will see that colour black compliments well with the traditional elements incorporated. Keeping the rest of the kitchen design plain white will add the much needed brightness and elegance.

White Glass Fronted Kitchen Cabinets

As much as we promote open shelves, we believe glass fronted cabinets are a perfect way to display your glassware in the kitchen. They look very chic and simple, especially when they are paired with light coloured kitchen cabinets and units.

Small Cabinets – Utility Room Ideas

It is important that you let practical elements and kitchen appliances to blend well in the rest of the units and cabinets. There is nothing more surprising to have appliances such as washing machine and dryers hidden behind the cabinetries.

Rich Red Kitchen Cabinets

Rich red cabinets and units contrasting with pale marble work surface are a perfect combination and also add the warmth and elegance to your kitchen room. To give it a vintage touch, you can add an antique shelf above the kitchen sink that holds the collection of your pottery and glassware for you.

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Green Kitchen Cabinets & Units

To add a natural and a fresh look your kitchen design, have green toned kitchen cabinets and units. To compliment the green cabinets and units you can add an artwork on the kitchen wall. It is easy to pick up a colour for your kitchen, but we believe it is the structure that you need to get right. Adding brass taps and fixtures to this design will make it look more elegant and simple.

Olive Green English Style Kitchen Units

Pulling off an English style perfectly is pretty much a challenge in itself. We recommend you to add olive green English style units and cabinets and compliment it with chestnut flooring. This kitchen design is a perfect country style and English for people who are looking to incorporate traditional and modern elements in their home.

Traditional Pine Kitchen Units

Having traditional pine kitchen cabinets and units is perfect example for simplicity. To complete the look add floral tiles, plates and curtains. The overall kitchen gives your country style vibes yet is very chic.

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Oak Kitchen Units

Wood adds the ultimate natural touch to your house design. We suggest you to have oak kitchen units and cabinets that are accessories with shell drawer pulls. Completing the design will be a vertical tongue and groove wall panelling painted white. It brightens the room and gives out homely vibes.

Paint the Borders of Your Kitchen Cabinets

You can instantly update your kitchen cabinets by painting them with colourful borders around its edges. With Cressida designs textiles, mats, lampshades and furniture the house will look elegant and beautiful.

By painting the cabinet edges in contrasting colours, you get to add the touch of homeliness and elegance all in one.