Wires and cables are used in a host of places. Be it in the electric circuits or in various industries and machineries. And, there are a wide range of wires and cables that are being manufactured for different purposes. One of the most popular types of cable is the power cable.

Why is a power cable used?

The main aim of the power cab is to allow the power to flow from a power source to the other part of the circuit, maybe a tool or any equipment. Power cables are made to make the process of the movement of electric energy easy.

It is used to transmit electricity from the source of the energy to any of the gadgets or devices like an Air Conditioner, a computer etc. When it comes to the use of power cables in the computer, they are mostly colored. And, they develop a connection with the motherboard with the sole purpose of easing the flow of electricity.

Interesting things about power cables

  1. If a power cable is made using aluminum then it is considered to be better as aluminum is a more powerful conductor
  2. As, copper may not be the ideal choice always
  3. Power cable is the key element of almost every electrical system.
  4. Many new power cables are not very durable, you will have to use the best quality cable, like the cable which is manufacture by Ultracab.
  5. The electric current capacity of a cable is affected by a host of factors
  6. Most of the Power Cable Manufacturer have a very powerful insulation shield

How to select the best power cable?

In order to make sure that you select a high quality power cable, first of all, it is utmost important to choose the best manufacturer. Ultracab has a very modern and updated manufacturing unit, thus, they make high quality cables and wires.

Also, a good power cable should contain these key characteristics:


One of the key characteristics that make any power cable one of the best in the world is the level ofresistivity.

Higher flexibility

Power cables are used in a wide range of electric systems, thus, they have to be extremely flexible. This is important, as there cables should be able to fit in different spaces. And, only when the cables are flexible, they can be easily fitted into any electric system.

Strict quality control

The manufacturer who makes high quality power cable will also follow a very strict quality control. Therefore, a cable which goes through a very thorough quality check should be chosen. As, automatically, the cable would be flawless as the company would have already checked most of the errors.

Strong coating

One of the other important features that make a power cable better than the other is a solid outer coating. Though, the inner material of the wire has to be of the highest quality but at the same time, the outer coating has to be strong enough as well!

The raw material

What makes any power cable a lot more powerful than its competitors is the quality of raw material used to make the power cable. As, raw material is basically the core of any wire or cable. Thus, if the raw material is of the best quality, then the final quality of the cable will be automatically higher.

Apart from the quality of the power cable, the color and appearance of the cable is also important. Therefore, companies like Ultracab make sure that the color of the cable is also interesting.

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