The present day design world is moving really fast. Designers and developers have to keep themselves updated about new tools that come out frequently. This is crucial to stay ahead of the game. So what tools will you require keeping an eye on this year? Here are some of the top picks suggested by experts:

1. Adobe XD

This is the most recent design program by the HQ of Adobe. Developed as a dynamic alternative to Photoshop, it specifically works for mockup design and prototyping. It initially started as a Mac-only program. Later on, it was released for Windows in beta. Now it has emerged as a powerhouse for present age digital designers looking for a fine blend of Illustrator and Photoshop.

2. Web Design Proposal Tool

The tool will help you generate web design Trends in an easier way. Beewits promises a decent series of tools for making business easier with websites. This year, they have come up with the amazing free app, ‘Web Design Proposal Tool’. It is the self-explanatory, simple ‘Proposify’ tool that facilitates users to mass-produce proposals faster and stress-free way. Users can enter and alter pre-set text to develop a Word document fully prepared for sending straight to the client.

3. IconJar

If you are looking for a better way to organize iconsets you download, go for this amazing tool. Presently available only for MacOS, IconJar is the deemed as the best program for managing icons locally sans having to dig through folders manually. Custom folders can be made in the program. You may even tag icons based on type. The tool is immensely helpful for designers who wish to try out different iconsets. Additionally, it comes with a free trial version.

4. Pattern Lab

This tool is based around Atomic Design. It is a very attractive pattern-driven tool for the design developed on the Atomic Design concept (break design into its smallest parts – atoms and then combine them to create larger, reusable constituents – molecules and organisms – to further turn into usable templates). Users can nest patterns of UI within each other. Designing with dynamic data is also possible. Device-agnostic resizing tools are also available to ensure a responsive design system that’s extensible to meet specific user needs.

5. Canva

The popular tool allows quick creation of social media images and infographics. If you wish to mock up similar to something like infographic really fast and easy, Canva is a great choice. A free, browser-based tool used by non-designers and designers for creating web and print graphics. The tool makes nice images for website and social media.

6. Sketch App

Deemed as the biggest rival in the design arena, Sketch has recently gained conventional support and emerged as the most popular program used. It is more affordable than other Adobe products. It is available for one-time fee. The tool also has a substantial open source community of designers who frequently release their own plugins for software. Sketch app makes it easier to use, extend, and structure for almost all types of design work.

7. Zeplin

This powerful tool translates Sketch files or Photoshop into a free Windows or Mac web-based app. In case, you face hassles while assigning design assets to developers, Zeplin is the solution. The tool alleviates painstakingly layered and annotated Photoshop mockups that lead to flattened files via translating Sketch files or Photoshop into a free Windows, Mac, or web-based app. Zeplin promises faster reference for the fonts, colors, and dimensions from designs. CSS and style guides can also be generated by this tool.

8. Plant Version Control

This has been used by coders for years. The plant is a current solution. The version is known to control the way the designers want it to be. It allows management of files with a solid backend + full GUI control. Plant promises a GUI that functions much better, especially for non-coders.

The tool even offers users a free plan. So there’s no harm in testing out to see if you actually like it. Plant Version Control is a great choice for all those in professional design work. It will help save a good amount of time running on the platform.