Wooden flooring has picked up pretty well. It is no longer restricted to hill stations or just hotels or resorts. These days, people are more than even interested in wooden flooring. The market of wood flooring is growing tremendously, and the reason behind this the rising demand of wood flooring.

Also, there are a plenty of wood flooring options in the market offered by a host of wood flooring manufacturers. Thus, if you have decided to get wood flooring in your home or if you are planning to refurbish your house with superb wood flooring, then here are some of the top options to consider:

Reclaimed Pine

Reclaimed Pine is mostly known to add the antique flavor in home. As, reclaimed pine basically derives from historical buildings. However, reclaimed Pine is one of the best type of wooden flooring options. As, if you decide to choose reclaimed pine for your house, you would be taking a step towards eco-friendly construction of the house.

At the same time, reclaimed pine will definitely add an appealing historic touch to your home. Not to forget, reclaimed pine looks very class, and is perfect to enhance the luxuriousness of the interior design of your house too. A plenty of high-end wood flooring manufacturers offer various reclaimed wooding options, which are perfect for your home.

Red Oak

Red Oak is surely one of the most famous wood popular flooring options. Red Oak is used by a plenty of people to redefine the look of your home. One of the best things about Red Oak is that it syncs with a wide variety of interior designs. The wood flooring can go along with different styles of architecture and themes.

As the name suggests, the reddish hues of flooring enrich the charm of the design. Also, Red Oak is known for its tremendous resistance to wear. Thus, it is mostly used in the rooms which experience high-traffic like the living room. Planning to get Red Oak flooring?

Blonde Wood Flooring

The interest of people in blonde wood flooring is growing rapidly. It is high in demand, especially because of its medium tone. Thus, wood flooring manufacturers have started to find out that the demand of light, blonde wood is on high. One of the major reasons of choosing lighter tons is that they make the space look bigger, and also a lot brighter.

Blonde wood flooring looks splendid as it makes the home a lot vibrant. It is like natural light! It’s just you have to make sure that you spend enough time on cleaning up the lighter wood flooring options.

Ebonized Hardwood

Ebonizing Wood Flooring is considered a bit more luxurious. It is mostly used to enhance the classiness of a house. Mostly, this flooring is used with luxurious interior designs. It is a bit dark but completely opaque. However, ebonized hardwood syncs well with a plenty of interior design styles.

However, needless to say, it looks perfect with a contemporary interior design. Cherry, Oak, Walnut etc. are some of the most preferred ebonized hardwood flooring options. So, if you are planning to make your space a lot classy, then ebonized wood flooring is the best option for you!

Gray wood flooring

Gray wood floors are not the thing of the past. In fact, it is one of those options which was, is and will be quite popular. Gray floors are a constant trend, and the trend is not going to fade any time sooner. As, Gray floors are not just different, but they are quite special as well. As we know, gray is pretty soothing shade, thus, modern households are also choosing it over other wood flooring options.

Also, now, gray flooring can be complimented with gray shaded furniture and décor as well. From the gates to the walls, everything can have the tint of gray. This shows that gray flooring is not going to go away!

When it comes to deciding which flooring is perfect for your home, you might have to do a thorough research. But, at the end of the day, your selection should be purely based on your interest and your home décor style.