It is the design of dental implants in South Yorkshire that makes this teeth replacement option so ideal for many patients. As many as 10,000 patients seek implant procedures annually which points to the growing popularity of this dental treatment in the UK.

Zygotic implants can be life-changing and many of the challenges associated with removable devices are eliminated. Implants are so designed that they are secured to the jawbone, becoming an actual part of the jawbone like the roots of natural teeth.

Life-changing benefits of permanent teeth-replacement devices

It is not just the cosmetic benefits of implants that boost its popularity, but benefits such as the following:

dental implants

Eating is made easier

When compared to alternative teeth-replacement treatments, implants offer the most satisfactory experience. As the implant (metal screw and artificial crown) is the next best thing to a natural tooth, chewing is made easier.

One of the reasons for this benefit is that the screw is firmly nestled in the jawbone itself and is not an external device that has to sit on teeth or gums that can often slide.

Patients find eating is also made easier because the implants provide a better bite force, similar to that of a full set of natural teeth. This stronger bite force also allows patients to enjoy a variety of foods that were previously a challenge with missing teeth.

Improved speech

Patients can experience speech challenges such as slurring and mumbling with traditional dentures. As Zygomatic implants are properly anchored to the jawbone, the risk of them slipping is eliminated and a patient is able to speak without any need to worry.


Less time is needed to clean implants unlike removable devices and there is no longer the need for messy adhesives to ensure the devices remain in place. But it remains in the interest of patients to stick to a thorough oral hygiene regime.

This is because while implants are considered artificial teeth replacement devices, it is essential that patients pay particular attention to keeping the implants as well as gums scrupulously clean. This is to prevent the risk of failure to implantation due to deteriorating gum conditions and eventual jawbone loss.

In addition to the above, the natural look of implants improves the self-esteem of patients by allowing them to feel better about their smiles. Implantation and the subsequent fusion into the jawbone mean that implants become a permanent part of a patient’s mouth structure.

This means that the discomfort often associated with removable devices is eliminated.

Thanks to a wide range of teeth replacement options from denture implants to same day implants, patients have an easier time taking care of their oral health and can enjoy less stressful lifestyles.

For all issues with teeth replacement options such as a loose bridge or broken dentures, it is of the utmost importance for patients to contact a dental clinic to ensure critical repairs are made so that there is no interruption to the treatment plan.

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