Plants, give me plants. Before jewels, paintings, expensive and even meritorious design creations (which is also our thing), give me plants. Plants are the answer to such a large number of problems that the day we become fully aware of this. Our lives and the geography of our exterior and interior landscapes will change forever.

We spoil health ourselves faster than time. That primitive pain because of the absence of something else natural that is not us in our domestic environment? We feel that we do not give, create or care more than what we receive from plants.

Moreover, for all this, in a modern, civilized, conscious and responsible country, there should be a florist on every street. In addition, we would do well to visit them more often than pharmacies. That is why I have a small proclamation that I often make at each visit to repair any part of a home: “there would be a great plant for you”.

Sometimes, to cover and disguise a structure -cables, pipes … – necessary but not very attractive; others, to enhance an abandoned corner; or to humidify, refresh and oxygenate a stay off.

You do not need a huge house, a green garden, or a lot of free time to enjoy the infinite benefits of plants in your home! In addition, in this crusade to improve the health, appearance and naturalness of each house, today I want you to join me for a walk by some small great ideas to integrate Mother Earth in our homes:

Creative Ideas To Decorate House and Garden with Plants

#1. Recreations in miniature

Do you remember how much you liked making models as a child? A hobby that combines skill, imagination, and love for detail … Well, the challenge 2.0 has arrived to motivate you to rescue that artist you have inside. In addition, it only requires one square meter of workspace. Imagine a landscape, honor a monument, and recreate a movie … as you prefer, but it integrates nature into it and, suddenly, it will have a life of its own. Of course, bonsais and moss are the main protagonists of this practice. But you can also bet on small bushes and succulent plants, which we will discuss in depth below ….

#2. Succulent plants are in fashion

First of all, we are going to clarify possible confusions. Good, good tomatoes are succulent, true. However, when we talk about succulent plants (from the Latin succulents, ‘very juicy’), we also refer to those in which some organ or part has been modified in a new specialization that allows the storage of water in very large quantities. Greater than in the rest of the plants.

That is to say: cactus, aloe vera, Sansevieria, Echeveria (without tilde), and other thousands of species belonging to several families very different from each other. This optimized internal logistics makes them, in many cases, resistant to say enough. This, together with its strange, almost extraterrestrial beauty, makes them become very popular in domestic decoration.

You will find them of all sizes and an undemanding maintenance will guarantee that you do not suffer for their survival if you do not have a good hand with the plants. If you want to go for a note, you can create a wooden frame, apply a grid to hold them in groups, and form compositions like the one in the photo, which will last with temper for a long time.

#3. Recycle, Reuse, Reinvent

This advice is good for everything in life, starting with oneself. Nevertheless, in the context I propose to convert into natural art anything you have at hand, using it as a continent of a plant. The examples are as innumerable as the dishes you have at home: from a bottle (large and plastic, or wine, or … you choose), to the eggshells, the eggs themselves, the concrete blocks, or the shells of a snail! … What do you think? As expected, in some examples we see hand-in-hand different tendencies, such as turning a large seashell into the home of these beautiful succulents:

Extra idea: the basis of the design is the composition … Surprise us!

Another option is to use common plants, in more conventional containers. However, arranged in original ways. A wall can draw a tree if you have on it the pots in this curious way:

Moreover, you can always create a living space for plants where before it seemed complicated. Simply installing wooden slats or taking advantage of textile panels with pockets.

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