Walls are arguably the most ignored part of our home decor. Although a wall takes up the most visual space in any room, we rarely pay attention to it. Most of our rooms have bare walls or, at the most, a few paintings hanging on them.

But this is seriously underselling their potential as a centre for your interior decor style. A handy alternative here are wall tiles. Available in many shades, colours and materials, wall tiles are the hidden weapon in an interior decorator/architect’s arsenal.

With the unlimited number of available options available from wall tiles manufacturers in India, there is no excuse for ignoring this undervalued raw material. There are also many advantages of using tiles. Apart from the unexpectedness of it, tiles are more durable and low maintenance than walls.

There is no need for frequent whitewash, and they are less susceptible to chipping. All they need is a good wipe now and then! With a little care, tiles can last a lifetime in pristine condition.

6 Ways To Decorate Rooms with Designer Wall Tiles

We can use them in a myriad of an interesting way to create a highly personalized effect. Here are just some tips on how you can use these:

#1. Take it to the living room

Most of us think of wall tiles only in the context of the kitchen or bathroom. But this is doing a great disservice to a highly versatile element. There is the reason why we cannot consider tiles as cover for our living room walls.

In fact, given the many options we have, tiles can be perfect to create any look we want. For instance, you can create a neo-modern look with a panel of glass tiles or use a glass mosaic for an artistic effect.

Big ceramic tiles can create a contemporary effect. Alternatively, pick specially commissioned artistic tiles and mount them as artwork. The possibilities here are endless!

#2. Go natural

More expensive than the ceramic tiles, the natural stone tile is quite unbeatable as a timeless style statement. Technology today allows wall tiles manufacturers to cut out large thin tiles.

These are ideal in showing the stone’s beautiful natural gradient and pattern. A wall of stunning marble or warm sandstone is a style statement on its own.

#3. Life-like digital art

A truly revolutionary trend here is the digital tile. Digital technology has advanced to an extent where we cannot only replicate any design we want, and we can also play with 3D patterns!

The result is that designers are now commissioning special artwork that uses 3D patterns to create an effect similar to mounted sculpture. Additionally, we can also play with the shadows created, ensuring that the effect changes with each hour in a day!

#4. Play with patterns

Even the tile patterns can become an interesting focal point on their own. The subway tiles are a classic evergreen style that is surprisingly adaptable to any other style. You can change the usual horizontal lines by laying them vertically.

Other interesting patterns include the herringbone and honeycomb patterns. Both are simple yet dramatic enough to create an impact. You do not have to limit yourself to the same size. Combine tiles of different sizes to create a unique pattern. You can even commission a special mosaic pattern for a truly personalized look.

#5. Drama with colours

Who said tiles are boring? Tiles can be used to create a visual drama, unlike any other medium. Use bold coloured tiles and accessories to create a truly dramatic effect.

Dark granite-tiled walls with white furnishings make for an almost theatrical effect. Go for bold primary colours and use your accessories to complete the effect.

#6. Try something new

Step out of the safe and boring and try something unexpected. The rewards would be worth it! For instance, a small bathroom is expected to have white tiles and light colours. So, change it. Make it completely black with black tiles and a checkerboard floor.

Keep everything else in stark white. The effect is startling but strangely cosy. Wall tiles manufacturers are today experimenting with materials, colours and even textures.

This gives us the perfect opportunity to use tiles to make a decor statement. It is time to take tiles out of the kitchen and bathrooms to create the perfect balance in our living room.

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