Having missing teeth can be caused by a number of different factors; whether it’s because of age, medications, poor oral hygiene, or an accident. There is no escaping the fact that gaps in your smile can cause further complications for your remaining natural teeth, gums, can allow your face to take on a shrunken appearance and cause speech difficulties, as well as looking aesthetically displeasing. All of this can inflict anxiety and low self-esteem upon people and finding a suitable solution may be daunting if you have images of false teeth in your grandma’s mouth clacking about as she talked.

Thankfully, there may be another solution. Dental implants offer a securely fitting solution to missing teeth that shouldn’t leave you with any embarrassing situations while you dine with friends or family!

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium screws that are attached to the jawbone where you have teeth missing. These screws act as artificial roots for your replacement teeth, which can be made up of crowns, dentures or bridges. The jawbone bonds with titanium metal – science is cool! So you can rest assured that they are firmly fixed in place. Your replacement teeth can replace a single missing tooth, or multiple missing teeth – even a whole set!

Why should I choose dental implants?

There are so many reasons to opt for dental implants. Firstly, they are comfortable and nobody will be able to tell that you don’t have your real teeth because the replacement teeth will be made to match any remaining natural teeth that you have. Also, they will be comfortable because, unlike with dentures where adhesives have to be used, the implants are attached to your jaw bone, just like your natural teeth are.

Another benefit of choosing dental implants is that they can be easily maintained just like your natural teeth. All you need to do to look after them is to brush and floss daily and visit your dentist for regular checkups. By filling in the gaps, you will also protect your mouth against further dental complications caused by missing teeth. Furthermore, if your mouth has taken on a shrunken appearance from where the gaps are, you will add structure to your face and you could look more youthful as a result. You may also find that your speech is improved by not having gaps in your smile.

As if that wasn’t enough, having an aesthetically pleasing smile should also help to increase your self-confidence and reduce anxiety about the appearance of your smile. You may, however, find that you become a ‘selfie addict’, but nobody’s perfect!

How to get implants

How to get implants

If you are keen to find out about getting implants, you need to book in with a dentist for a consultation to find out if this is the treatment for you. They will examine your mouth and may also take x-rays to ascertain if this is the treatment you require. You will also be able to ask any questions you may have about treatment options and ensure that you choose the treatment that is right for you and your particular needs.

If you fancy having a reason to smile an improved smile, why not find out if dental implants could work for you?