One of the most well-known of all restorative procedures that make up dentistry today is the oral implant.

Using a prosthetic root, a tooth or teeth are attached to the top, allowing the patient to bite into food and smile with confidence.

But if you are considering having oral implants fitted, you will probably have some questions relating to how long they last, the fitting itself alongside any required aftercare. In this article, your most commonly asked queries or FAQ’s are answered, so you can learn more about oral implants before contacting your dentist.

Do they hurt?

This is tough to answer as discomfort is subjective.

However, once you have opted for dental implants from Harley Street, your dentist will be sure to numb your gums and surrounding areas before the fitting begins, so there should be no sensation at all while they work.

Once you are at home, you may feel some soreness relating to the gum and there may be a feeling of bruising; both of these are normal and should fade in a few days. If they don’t fade, you will need to see your dentist for a check-up as you may have a complication.

Will the implant get infected?

It is unlikely but you should always keep an eye out for signs of infection. These include worsening discomfort, swelling, a foul odour or taste and darkening of the surrounding gum (it may look blue, purple or even yellow). If you are concerned that you have an infection forming, talk to your dentist.

Will the implant get infected

How long will they last?

Oral implants have a great track-record related to longevity and provided that they are cared for correctly, they can last up to 15 years.

Be sure to avoid lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking and always visit your dentist for check-ups. You will also need to keep up with daily brushing and flossing to keep gum disease at bay, as this is the primary reason why so many patients lose their implants.

How long is the fitting?

Fitting an oral implant is no simple feat and it can take even the most experienced dentist up to 3 sessions to fit all the implants that are required.

In total, the fitting of a single implant can take up to 2 hours, depending on where it is being fitted in the mouth and other complications. Once in place, it will need to fuse with the jaw, which can take between 3-6 months on average.

Can they be replaced?

In the unlikely event that your oral implant gets damaged, your dental team may be able to repair it without removing the entire prosthetic.

As many modern implants are composed of 3 parts, this allows your dentist to remove the visible part of the implant (the prosthetic) if it becomes damaged without needing to touch the implant part that is under the jaw. If the damage is under the jaw, then depending on the severity, you may or may not be able to have it replaced.