Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most talked about technologies in the world at the moment. It started off as an experimental technology for only specific industries, but it has now turned out to be a transformative technology which is reforming the way the tech world is run. Starting from the primary uses by the companies to more high-end AI developments in the field of healthcare, finances etc.

AI has come a long way since its inception. With the evolution of AI Technology, various companies are trying to implement AI to power up their functions. And, even Microsoft Dynamics 365 is making use of Artificial Intelligence to enhance the experience of using the Dynamics software.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Integration Customer Service Field

The present market of Artificial Intelligence in customer support is very new. With the implementation of AI in the customer service industry, it seems like the future is not far where the customer conversations will be sorted by emotion. Artificial Intelligence as we know is becoming better and better when it comes to identifying human emotion with the help of language. Fortunately,we will soon see that AI based customer service technology will continue to grow and enrich the customer support systems.

A lot of times we have heard that AI is soon going to take over all our jobs, and we will only find robots doing our business. Be it the field of agriculture or even Hollywood, we have heard that AI based tools will be soon seen revolutionizing these sectors, nut it may take some more years. But, when it comes to the customer service sectors, the implementation of AI has already been started.

How is AI revamping the customer service sectors including the CRM features in Dynamics 365?

All of us have someday or the other interacted with the customer support teams for a plenty of products and linked issues, and not always are we are ultimately satisfied with the experience. Though, companies do put their best foot forwards to make sure they offer a superb customer experience. However, even after spending millions of dollars on the human-led customer support teams, the companies are not able to achieve their goal.

Now, this situation has given rise to the demand and need of evolution in the customer service sector and what better than the integration of Artificial Intelligence. With the help of AI, the complete customer support system is highly optimized. All the customer support tools are now evolved to offer much better support.

The revolutionary Chatbots!

Chat-bots are revamping the way the customer service ecosystem is run. Chat-bots are one of the best AI based tools which are transforming the way companies connect with their customers. Chat-bots enable the companies to make it easier for their customers to stay connected with them. Through these systems, customers find it easy to approach the company, and ask relevant queries. Plus, the chat-bots are able to understand the customers, and thus, the replies that the customers receive also extremely useful.

AI’s integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Dynamics range of tools by Microsoft are known to be upgraded at regular intervals to make them more fit and advanced for the customers. Recently, Dynamics 365 announced collaboration of the AI technology to make the tool all the more powerful. In order help the customers meet the challenge of approaching their company in the most efficient manner, Microsoft announced the use of Artificial Intelligence based solutions specifically for the —“Customer Insights” and “Relationship Insights”, present in the Microsoft Dynamics 365.

If we talk about the customer Insights, it is basically curated to collaborate the information data from various different systems with the sole aim of driving automated customer service responses and much advanced management of the intricate customer service situations. Whereas, when it comes to the Relationships Insights tool, it is basically developed on the Cortana Intelligence technology. The main aim of the tool is to allow the users to understand their business relationships. As well as, the tool is used to evaluate all the tasks which are linked to the old successes, and close more deals with the help of the useful insights received from the real time data and A.I. analysis.

AIs integration in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation has made it all the more powerful. And, this collaboration has surely made the Dynamics tool all the more powerful, and it will surely attract more clients.