Do you suffer from sudden change in your menstrual cycle or severe pain during those days of the month? Heavy bleeding, longer periods, difficulty in emptying the bladder and constipation are some of the symptoms of fibroids.

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumours formed of tissues and blood in the walls of the uterus. These are generally small ranging from a pea size to a bigger one and the striking part is its size changes with time.

Some women have symptoms whole some don’t! About 75% women have these fibroids and it is an indication of a major gynaecological surgery in the future that is when its size grows bigger.

As per researchers these are a result of the fast lifestyle that we are in, majorly due to our rich in oil and protein food habits like meat, increased alcohol consumption and smoking habits.

These prolonged habits are definitely hard to let go but they can be controlled when the future health impact can be foreseen. Also, did you know researchers have also suggested that there is a positive correlation between blood pressure and fibroids?

About 200000 hysterectomies are performed every year as a result of these silent killers across the globe. Ladies, now let us discover the natural remedies for treating these silent killers.

Remedies for Fibroids

It is the fast lifestyle that we live in, that is responsible for fibroids. Junk foods, smoking, alcohol, fried food, spicy delectable, chicken, meat and stress are good enough for the abnormal growth of fibroids in the uterine walls.

If you have been experiencing gynaecological issues during those tough days of the month, start incorporating the below in your diet so that your uterine walls don’t need to go through the knife!

Green Leafy Vegetables

The leafy vegetables contain anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce the size of the abnormally grown fibroid. These are a rich store house of vitamin K which helps in blood clotting and thus helps in a proper menstrual flow.

So start having cabbages and broccoli to keep fibroids at a safe distance.

Beta Carotene Rich Foods

Carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene. The human body transforms beta carotene into vitamin A upon consumption and thus helps to promote and also repair healthy tissues.

Iron rich foods

Fibroids are one of the reasons why women have increased bleeding which can lead to anaemia due to lower iron content in the blood. To compensate the iron loss, start incorporating cereals, brown rice, whole grains, legumes, soya beans and oats in your diet.

Fish Oil

Consume fishes like haddock, sardines, salmon, tuna, oysters and other sea food to improve the progesterone levels in your body. These fishes and their fish oil help in treating the fibroids and regulate your monthly flow.

B Complex

Milk, eggs, chicken, liver, legumes and beans are rich source of vitamin B. These help to regulate the oestrogen levels in your body which thus reduce the size of fibroids and also help in metabolism.

Essential Oils

These essential oils have been known to work magic. When it comes to naturally treating fibroids, thyme, clary sage and frankincense essential oils are to be used. Just rub 2 drops of each oil on your lower abdomen and massage well every day.

You may use coconut oil for better massage in case you have a sensitive skin. These essential oils have an antidepressant component which helps you relax and revive your hormones.


How can we ignore fruits from our diet especially when it is summer and all the ripe yellow and red mangoes have shown up! Mango fruit beverages are known to hydrate the body.

If your body is well hydrated, it will automatically regulate the menstrual cycle and help reduce the size of the fibroid. The leading manufacturers have infused the freshness of mangoes in bottles not only to provide freshness but also to rejuvenate the taste buds.

Mangoes also come with other health benefits like improved digestion and metabolism.

Healthy diet with green leafy vegetables, iron rich foods, whole grains, milk and fruits like mangoes will improve your gynaecological health by reducing the fibroid sizes and also regulating a smooth menstrual cycle.

Remember, these are often symptomless so it is advisable to all the ladies to incorporate a healthy diet and lifestyle to keep off these fibroids at a safe distance.

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