There are a number of ways you can improve user experience (UX) on a modern eCommerce website. With online shopping acquiring popularity among website visitors, competitions among eCommerce websites are also increasing on a daily basis.

Hence, it isn’t easy to gain customers and holding them. Looking for new and advanced ways to improve eCommerce stores has become a major priority for professionals to offer a comfortable experience to customers.

Listed below are 5 tips for you can improve the UX of website visitors:

1. Identify Customers

First and foremost, it is crucial to know who your customers are. Understand their actual purposes of visiting your site. Based on this analysis, it is time to get into a detailed logical research of your website. It will help you know about the downsides and the plus points of a website. While researching, you must observe the following:

  • Ease at which your customers are getting information they are searching for
  • Simplicity of design and navigation of the website (how easy is it to understand)
  • Relevance of content or media
  • Compatibility of website design with style with most of your customers
  • The sections of site getting most hit by visitors and improvements you can make on them

It will also help to run a survey to ask customers about pros and cons of your website. Their genuine opinion will go a long way to improve your website.

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2. Increase Users-Friendliness

A website must be designed to keep comfort level of customers on the priority list. The navigation menu should be simple and easier to use. Adding a Sitemap page and buttons such as “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart” will also help. Make sure these are clear and easily visible.

Clicking on the button must take the customers straight to the desired page without wasting any time. Make sure images of the products are clear and attractive. Displaying products from various angles and giving a genuine description is also important. Make dedicated attempts to highlight the key features of products.

3. Keep Customers Informed

You can attract customer’s appreciation via making them comfortable and supplying all requisite information. So make sure you provide all information in a clear manner. Strictly avoid hiding any key points. There are a number of sites that do not reveal the shipping cost and tax rate initially.

The user gets a shock/surprise at the final checkout page. This should be avoided as a sudden increase in the overall cost on final checkout page will discourage user from buying. It is important to connect with customers in a very easy language. The terms and conditions must be understandable for all. Also call to action (CTA) should also be easier to understand, very simple, and crystal clear.

4. Attract Users for Staying Connected

Regardless of the aim of your eCommerce site, it is good to add attractive content combined with unique description. This will keep your customers engaged on your site for a very long time. Adding social media tags for insisting your clienteles to follow website is also a good idea.

Design your website in a fashion to keep clients connected to you or you can inspire them to subscribe to monthly newsletter. The entire process should be simple and easy. It is better to avoid asking clients fill forms. The signup process should be very simple. This will help you gain a significant increase in customers.

5. Simple Procedures for “Add To Cart” and “Check Out”

Ecommerce website should be capable of ensuring excellent user experience for its consumers. The “Add to Cart” and the “Check Out” process of these websites are the major contributors.

Since the main aim of a customer to visit ecommerce site is to buy required products and exiting the site after purchase, the adding and checking out process needs to be very simple, fast, and most emphasizing sections as compared to other elements. Keep buttons for these sections bright, easier to use, prominent, and clearly visible.

The following pointers should be taken into consideration when building the site to create a huge impact Add and deleting product into the cart, modifying the quantity of cart items, easy checkout from the shopping cart, hassle-free signup process and easy payment process can make a huge impact on the conversion rate.

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