The electrical junction boxes are of supreme importance and have a huge role to be played while one sets up an electrical power supply system across any building or premises. Electrical junction boxes are like a synonym to safety while we talk in the critical context of electrical power supply management and installation.

The important use of electrical junction boxes on such a large scale promotes several companies to commercialize this product and have carved out a business problem of their own. Markets are filled with different product lines of electrical junction boxes. They are highly varying across many uses and specifications which are scenario and requirements specific.

Here is our attempt to help you build the basic idea of how to choose the right electrical junction box for your wiring needs.

Quick box
This is the right kind of electrical junction box if you wish to mount the box on the wall surface. It comes with grooves to help you screw the electrical junction box to a permanent fixture. It is convenient to install and contains light switches or receptacles. Notably, this kind of electrical junction boxes used in specific scenarios where behind-the-wall installation of the electrical junction box is difficult or impossible.

Junction box
The junction box is legitimate, robust electrical junction box which has four points to screw the junction box to fixture. This is the kind of junction box where the connections are open and do not occur through a particular switch. In this, it is easy to make direct connections between wires and they are safe due to isolation based on compartments. Apart from this, the structure and design of this junction box are appropriate to help you split the circuits safely and branch them into different phases of current.

New junction box
These are mainly the raw electrical junction boxes used while carrying out the proceedings of a full-fledged construction project. This kind of a box is apt to be using studs and screws directly into the wall or any hanging surface.

Orthodox box
This is an older version of electrical junction boxes which we are using today. It can be said that they are redesigned to make the ones which are widely used today. They are easy to clamp on the wall and have preset outlets for wires through the wall.

Premises box
This is the perfect option if you are looking for electrical junction boxes to be used outdoors. They can protect your wirings from elements through sealed metal gaskets or watertight covers. They are made to provide all-around protection to critically powered wire connections with the substantial current load.

Standard junction box
The standard junction box is the most cost-effective and generally used in houses for standard requirements. They have openings to screw down the electrical junction box over the surface and pass the wires through it conveniently for connections.

Square junction box
The square junction box is generally used with requirements that involve 2 or more device connections to be made. The rectangular junction box comes with multiple holes to pass the wire through the box from different directions.

Round Box
The octagonal or round shaped electrical junction boxes generally used with lightweight fixtures and light requirements for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms or ceiling fans. This is a perfectly devised electrical junction box for ceilings with multiple holes for various wires in all directions.

Hope the information above helps you choose the “right electrical junction box” for your needs.