Diwali is knocking at the door with streets and shopping malls thronging with shopaholics rushing to buy gifts for their dear ones and new garments for themselves. This is the time of the year when you get to see the whole of India getting lit up in bright lights and “diyas”.

Children and adults indulge in fun galore with crackers, lighting up their homes with illuminations that enhance the whole demeanor of the houses instantly. Diwali or Deepavali heralds the New Year for most Indian communities marking the time when Lord Rama returned to his own kingdom in Ayodhya after his long 14 years of exile and the day when Maha Laxmi was betrothed to Lord Vishnu.

But above all Deepavali is the time to celebrate the victory of knowledge, of the good over evil and of spreading light and love to all others around. In a bid to keep up with the true spirit of Deepavali how about celebrating and lighting up Diwali without splurging on crackers? Here are 10 ways you can brighten up your surroundings and extol the true meaning of Deepavali.

Invest in Eco Diyas

Gear up for the “Go Green” mantra. Contribute towards a green environment and save Mother Earth from pollution by investing in eco diyas instead of binging on crackers. This is one way to support the Indian economy because you are not spending most of your Diwali budget on Chinese-made lights and decorations.

Most Indian rural homes still depend on kerosene to light up the hearth at night. Kerosene, apart from being a costly fuel ups the risk of catching fire and harms the eco-system around. Hence, donate certain part of your savings to an NGO which works towards proffering these homes with solar power.

Create Paper Lanterns

Newspaper lanterns can be made up just like their vibrant Chinese counterparts simply by painting them up. What’s more you can splash them in just the hues that would complement and enhance the décor of your home.

Bring Smiles Around

Gift lantern making materials like papers, paints, glue and other to an orphanage. Feel the sense of happiness and pride blossoming up in your heart as you see their countenances lighting up in the joy of being able to showcase their creativity through making their own paper lanterns.

Donate for NGOs which proffer water to rural areas and help farmers who are in dire need of the same for their livelihood. Dearth of water leads to high prices in the market which often goes beyond the affordability levels of the poor farmers. By donating for the same you can help stabilize the rates of water in the market.

Prevent Trafficking

Child trafficking is a heinous crime. Prevent it by aiding NGOs which look into rehabilitating children who are sold to work in other countries and as bonded labour and let them experience the childhood they deserve to the core.

Gift pencil packs for children to educational NGOs and lend your helping hand for all that they require for the festivities next year.

Take a Sojourn to an Ashram

Pay a visit to a nearby ashram to offer your helping hand and boost your spirituality. (Be careful for this, Don’t Do if you don’t trust any BABA’s)

Be Happy, Donate Smiles

Spread smiles all around you by being happy and making all around you happy. Do small things for your loved ones that will bring a smile to their faces.

Diwali is the “festival of lights” which celebrates the victory of light over darkness. Change the way it is celebrated by doing away with crackers which create noise and air pollution. Enlighten yourself and make other around you aware of how the burnt crackers and wastes are dumped in water, leading to greater pollution in the environment and triggering mosquitoes to breed.

Even with crackers do your part in disposing off the wastes in proper bins. After all, aren’t these the true ways of overcoming the darkness that looms around?

At The Last, Diwali is Main festival of all indians, so it’s not necessary to follow all these steps, just chill and enjoy as you want. For Diwali and Hindu Festivals, we don’t have any limitation or restriction from any one and we are free to celebrate with our wish. Enjoy with Lots of crackers and sweets. Just be careful with cracker and be with your kids while they are enjoying patakhas.

Happy Diwali To All Indian.