A boutique hotel is a petite and intimate hotel with modern décor, an urban setting having rooms between 10 to 100. It has a contemporary vibe serving with local gourmet. It conveys a vibrant sense of place and pride in the location’s heritage.

The boutique hotels in Lisbon are friendly to four-legged travelers. If you haven’t heard about history about first hotel, then read on. The first hotel was opened in 1981 in South Kensington, London by Anouska Hampel and Union Square, San Francisco by Kimpton group.

Then another boutique hotel was inaugurated in New York by Ian Schrager and Late Steve Rubell in 1984. The idiosyncratic style of the hotel differentiates it from the larger chains of hotels. Few Characteristics of the boutique hotels are as follow:-


The boutique hotel hold trendy and funky, offbeat environment as they are pet friendly. Their quirky side is reflected through creative offerings for the guests.


The whereabouts of the boutique hotels are usually laid in the heart of the city. They are laid in an urban location to give a review of city highlights to the guest.


These hotels are comparatively small and intimate in scale giving the guest a personalized home warmth. They have communal living areas where occupants can sit back and interact in relaxing mode.


The architecture of such hotels is one kind of a unique art proving it to be an elegant style. The elegance reveals the luxury provided in the habitat of the hotel and adds on to the status of guests as well.


The boutique hotel stands an individual in its identity. They are not affiliated with any major chain of hotels. They are independently owned.


Such hotels carry forward the culture of their locality. The themed based hotel strengthens the guest’s experience by their services. They got out of the box and create a wow factor for the user to revisit often.


The hallmark for boutique hotels is their highly customized services and aids. High-quality spa services and luxurious amenities bespoke for such trendy resorts and hotels.


The empathic nature of the boutique hotels representatives, out of the way services and luxurious amenities provided to build a great rapport with the guests for them to revisit the hotel. The welcoming nature to serve four-legged guests is peculiar and defines their identity in comparison to other hotels.

Boutique hotels being a smaller property accept a lesser number of guests leading to less travel congestion. It provides more relaxing comfort giving an experience of home away from home to the guests.

These hotels offer high-class experience on a low scale budget. The pampering effect of boutique hotels’ staff makes up to the five-star properties. The hard-earned money of the guest is spent in a defined direction and the client feels the satisfaction for the money spent.

These independent hotels flourish in today’s environment because of their localized approach, executed outstanding service, and intricate details. They make the client feel worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Try out Boutique hotels when you go for holiday.