When a patient goes for their routine checkup visit to the dentist, some potential dental fears that they can be experiencing can be alleviated if the patient knows what will happen during that consultation.

Dentists are actively involved in reducing fear in their patients, assisting in anyway that they can to allow their patients to overcome their personal fears that they experience in their own time and in their own way.

Dentists are actively involved

They do this by firstly providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in which to enter when visiting Spa Dental Sydney CBD. Patients can relax knowing that they are with understanding, compassionate professionals. The decorative waiting room is void of material that can cause panic or anxiety and areas are clean, friendly and professional.

A routine examination from a dentist consists of a number of tasks. This is a way for the dentist to gain a deep understanding of the entire wellbeing of the mouth, face and neck of their patients that is required.

A step by step guide as to what may happen during the consultation.

routine examination from a dentist

Although each procedure will follow a slightly different path as each dentist has their own methods and will likely proceed in a way that feels best to them and their patients, the general outline should remain the same. Dentists like to speak with their patients to explain what they are doing and this helps build a relationship between that will hopefully span many comfortable years.

By gaining insight into the dental desires and goals that their patient has regarding their smile, dentists can begin to formulate ideas about how a treatment plan might commence.

It is also important for a patient to divulge their past dental and medical history so that the dentist is aware of any potential complications. Following this, a thorough extraoral and intraoral examination will commence.

A professional will check for the presence of disease and check the teeth for signs of decay, cracks or any older restorations that may need attention. The patient’s bite will be analysed to see how the teeth come together making sure that no grinding down of teeth or pain can be attributed to this. A patient may find that a dentist will need to use x-rays to further investigate the health of their teeth and jaw.

An honest and candid assessment of a person’s oral hygiene routine and their diet can be a helpful addition to the visit, guiding the patient in making personal changes to improve their oral health. Should there be any need for bite alterations or the desire for any cosmetic procedures to be done in order to improve a smile, potential time frames, costs and other factors surrounding these treatments can be discussed at this time.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.  Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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