There are a lot of reasons why people travel from one place to another. It might be for business or just for vacation. Either way, when traveling, there’s one thing in common, you need to pack the things you need as you head off to your destinations. Along with this, packing is a complex task to do.

When we go on a trip, we always wanted to have a light or less baggage to avoid stressful travel. Travelling lightly can also avoid baggage fees, and you can quickly get around from one place to another. Or for instance, if you have a hand carry luggage, you don’t have to wait at baggage area to claim your stuff.

However, as you pack your things, you wanted to bring everything that you want. That’s why you tend to carry too much which leads to heavy travel. Fortunately, it’s avoidable. There are various ways to avoid a hassle trip. But for those who don’t know how, here are some tips for you.

Reducing Your Baggage

To have light travel, start cutting your baggage load and pick a suitable traveling bag for you. To help you on how to reduce your baggage and choose what is the best bag to use, here are some things you need to consider:

  • One Bag Rule. As much as possible, use only one bag when you pack your things. Thus, the more bag you carry, the more hassle your travel will be. But, if your trip is going to be longer, and the things you need won’t fit in just one bag, you can limit yourself in bringing two bags.
  • Go for Backpack and Hand Carry Bags. Having a hand-carry bag or backpack is an excellent edge for travelers, especially when you are going by air. Backpacks can fit in overhead storage of the plane so you won’t have to wait for the conveyor belts to turn in the baggage claiming area to pick-up your bag. Also, backpacks are the best when there are lots of stairs in your destination. You won’t have a hard time, pulling your luggage one step at a time when walking in stairs.
  • Choose a Lightweight Storage. Do not use hard and heavy suitcases for your stuff. Heavy suitcases can lead to additional luggage expenses in terminals. It’s best that you choose a bag that is made of light and soft material especially when you’re only packing clothes and other personal things.

Pack Wisely

One way to avoid heavy travel is to pack your things wisely. The following are some tips on how to pack travel items wisely:

  • List down the things you need for your itinerary. It is essential that you list down the things that you need in every destination you plan to go. Having a list can help you sort out the necessary things you need to bring with you according to your travel itinerary.
  • Don’t Settle For Last Minute Packing. Packing the night before your departure is not a good idea, it can lead to dense packing. As you don’t have time to think what to bring, you tend to bring unnecessary items that make heavy load travel.
  • Pack Less. The most significant way to have light travel is to pack only the things that are necessary. You don’t need to bring with you your entire closet to have an enjoyable trip. So, bring only the clothing items you want and enjoy light travel.
  • Go for Trilogy. One more thing to help you pack wisely is the idea of the trilogy. This idea helps a lot especially when packing less stuff for travel. For instance, you just need to bring three pairs of underwear, socks, shirts, etc.

Other Things to Consider

  • Learn To Wash Clothes. To avoid bringing a lot of clothes or socks, learn how to wash and dry them. Washing clothes can lessen your heavy load, for you can make use of your shirts and pants in several days.
  • Have Things in Travel-Size. If you can’t resist bringing your favorite products such as lotion, sunscreen or body wash, try to pack them in a small bottle to have it in a travel-sized version. In that way, you can save space in your traveling bag and have a light and back-ache free travel.


People always wanted to have smooth and light travel. However, having this kind of trip is hard to achieve when you have a massive load of baggage. Hence, there are a lot of ways on how to make light travel. But for those who don’t know how tips mentioned above can be a great help for you.

Yassi Parrish is a writer and travel blogger. She loves to write traveling, fashion and lifestyle. Most of the time, Yassi is out and about to gain more experiences and information for her travel blog. She also visits sites like Luggage Online for her travel needs. In her free time, she watches rom-com movies.