One of the very first lessons that we get from mommies is to never waste our food. The world may call us ladies frugal, but we all grow to learn the importance of using anything to its last bit.

Right from our make up to our fruits and veggies, it is another high to know that we have taken all out of what was left! While growing up, we were always told to eat peels of fruits and veggies.

Sure, most of us plainly choose to ignore this diktat, but don’t we all know now that peels are actually useful? And not just for their nutritional benefits (ah so boring), but for other things that are effective house improvement aids!

5 Ways To Use Fruits and Vegetable Peels

So what all fruit and vegetable peels can be used for? Let’s take a look at some interesting things:

#1. Make your house smell oh-so-fresh!

Yes, no need to waste any more big bucks on those fancy room fresheners. Just boil some citrus peels like lemon in water, cool and strain the mixture. Pour the content in a spray bottle and Presto! Your homemade room spray is ready, which is not only effective but easy on the pocket too!

#2. Pamper your skin

Remember how our mothers used dried potato peels dipped in rose water for a refreshing eye pack? Turns out that potato skin reduces puffiness and rejuvenates the under eye area. Who needs that expensive eye cream now, huh?

#3. Give some TLC to your plants

Peels of all kinds can be used for nourishing house plants. Not only they are completely chemical free, they are super beneficial in plant growth.

#4. Yummy Yummy peels

Peels when creatively cooked, with some innovations, can make for excellent kitchen ingredients. Peels of carrot, potatoes and other veggies can be used to make vegetable stock. Just throw in some herbs and store in a bottle. Super aromatic healthy stock is ready!

#5. Garnish with love and peels

Peels of vegetables like carrots can be creatively used to make garnish for dishes. Now give your food that touch of perfection with some peels!

It is always a great idea to use things in more than one way. Don’t we all love the amazing kick it gives! Using the ever so humble peels can not only improve our homes, but also let us have a little extra cash in our pockets.

So, all the ladies out there, the next time you peel veggies and fruits, think of another amazing way to put it to good use before putting them in trashcan!

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