The urge of winning a never-ending race of attracting the right people has forced start-up companies to adopt hot emerging technologies. Though high perks, salaries, benefits and an open corporate culture facilitate the process and impress clients before securing their funding, there’s a lot more that managers can do to persuade clients – such as with their office design and furniture.

Believe it or not, by revealing your personality nonverbally, office furniture dictates your company’s personality and vision, and distinguishes the way you are seen as a brand. In the same way marketing strategies help your business, office design choices also effectively communicate your brand value. Some may think that the latest office deign trends are a little over the top with unnecessary elements.

The fact is, we exist in an era of remarkable technological and manufacturing development for businesses. Because of these innovations, businesses today are reconsidering the traditional concepts and replacing them with the latest idea of how an office should look – popularly known as office refurbishment.

Replacing old traditional furniture with the latest contemporary furniture will make you stand out and attract skilled employees. The entire focus is on how businesses improve their workspaces for the betterment of their employees. With these latest trends, your office space will no longer just be a place that employees have to tolerate, but a place where they will feel re-energised and empowered. Based on their popularity, we have enlisted below some of the latest design and furniture trends: 

Design to Inspire and Motivate
Only a productive workforce can guarantee a company’s success. Though managers having strong leadership qualities will continue to inspire their employees, businesses rarely ever consider designing their office space to uplift the morale of their employees. One of the quickest ways is to embrace colour psychology while painting your designated office rooms. Blue, for instance, is a relaxing hue that goes well for common work areas and enhances productivity, while red, being bright and more in your face induces high energy, which makes it a suitable choice for conference rooms. Furthermore, putting up inspirational quotes on the walls either by renowned people or higher management to express company culture is another good option.

Matte Everywhere
While choosing textures, Matte is a texture that with its distinct look does justice to everything that can be painted, whether it is a phone or a luxury car. Though this finish requires extra cleaning care, it is certainly worth the investment. Sometimes, while seeking interior designing solutions for office space renovation, designers choose “furniture paint” to provide the matte sleek look, dropping the need for shine or glossy textures.

Wood Finishes That Highlight the Grain
Struggling to give a natural and visually pleasing look to your office? Let the furniture speak about your taste this time. For decades, wood grain has been used to craft beautiful furniture pieces. Out of clear coat and cerused wood, the latter brings out the best in the grain. Back in the1500’s, when this finish was first used in France, oak beams were coated with a toxic paste to prevent rot in these beams and from here the name of cerused wood was derived.

Design Spaces That Stimulate Creativity
Needless to say all the big MNC’s in the world like Google and Facebook have designed fascinating workplaces for their employees. Nowadays, companies prefer to set up a space that says something about their work culture and mostly look to get rid of boring cubicles and walled off areas. There are places other than work areas where employees can gather and communicate. By implementing this concept, even a start-up can create a fascinating workspace to boost creativity. For example, a relaxing lounge area with comfortable couches and bean bags that encourage team members to ditch their desks and hang out instead. And what about utilising these areas for brainstorming sessions? Just think about the possibilities!

Be a Stickler for Ergonomics
Obviously, spending long hours at your work desk while using computers can affect your health. HR departments are now taking the responsibility of setting up proper ergonomics since employee health can suffer due to bad posture, strained eyes and lack of support for hands and wrists. Considering ergonomics therefore becomes imperative while choosing office furniture; and for this reason, standing desks may become popular in offices as they enhance productivity of employees by ensuring that they stand with correct posture. So, including standing desks in your office furniture plan is something you should definitely try if you want to be a hit with your employees.

With all the above mentioned new and exciting trends, we expect greater changes in the world of office designs and way we work in 2018.