In the quest for a straighter smile, invisible braces in Barnsley such as Invisalign can successfully treat overcrowding, wide-spaced teeth, irregular teeth, crossbite, underbite and overbite and a range of other dental issues.

There is no denying that a selfie-obsessed society has contributed to patients feeling anxious about the look of their teeth. One research survey has found that one in five adults worry about how their teeth look with anxiety higher in males – twenty-three percent compared to seventeen percent of women.

7 Factors that determine smile aesthetics

Patients are quite familiar with the benefits of an attractive smile, but what are the factors that go into a winning smile and how can clear teeth-correcting devices help?

Invisible Braces in Barnsley

#1. The curve or arc of a smile

Two factors come into play in a pleasing smile, the maxillary gum line (where the upper teeth and gums touch) and incisal edge (the line of the upper teeth beginning from central incisors to the molars at the back).

The ideal Maxillary gum line should offer a straight appearance with an even curve around each tooth. When this balance is upset, patients can have what appears to be a gummy smile or unhealthy looking gums.

#2. Negative space

In the same way that teeth, gums and proper spacing between teeth are critical for a pleasant smile, so too does negative space (Buccal Corridor) play a role. This area is found between teeth and the corner of the mouth when opened.

Too little negative space can make a mouth look crowded and too much space can offer the impression that teeth are missing.

#3. Straight teeth vs tilted teeth

The perfect smile shows off straight teeth, up and down. Sometimes teeth are tilted which can detract from an expansive smile.  There are additional challenges attached to tilted teeth such as difficulty in chewing as well as being able to clean teeth effectively.

#4. Adequate spacing

Appealing smiles show off perfectly-spaced teeth – teeth that touch, but just barely. Gaps between teeth or a mouth overcrowded with teeth present challenges that teeth-straightening devices can fix.

Firmer-looking face

#5. Overbite

One of the characteristics of an attractive set of teeth is overbite – defined as the upper teeth expanding only slightly over the bottom set. Having an underbite or no overbite at all can be considered as challenges that make a smile unattractive.

#6. Smile midline

When it comes to aesthetics, symmetry is all-important. This applies to a smile as well. An appearance is deemed attractive if the smile midline (appears between the two incisors in the middle) is in balance with the face’s midline.

#7. Firmer-looking face

One of the effects of ageing is the sunken appearance of cheekbones. Plastic aligner trays can help expand the arrangement of teeth to improve the shape of jaw and create a ‘fuller’ more youthful-looking face.

A consultation with a dentist can help find appropriate treatments that include wearing teeth-correcting devices to fix a range of issues that make a smile appear unattractive.

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