Got some gaps in your teeth you could do without?

5 reasons oral implants are the answer! 

Regardless of the cause and your age, losing teeth can be very upsetting. Even if you cannot notice the gaps as you smile, loss of teeth can impact on your speech, your ability to eat and can have a negative effect on surrounding natural teeth.

So, what’s the answer? Not too long ago, dentists would only be able to offer you dentures or bridges as a way to restore the function of your mouth and to fill those gaps.

Today, there is another more permanent solution that feels like a brand-new set of teeth. When you have dental implants in Barnsley, you are not only improving your smile, you are improving your mouth’s function and restoring your oral health to a high level.

But what are the other benefits of having dental implants in South Yorkshire? Read on to find out!

Higher level of comfort

After implants are fitted, many wearers are amazed at how comfortable they are.

They do not move and therefore cannot cause uncomfortable rubbing against the gumline; this reduces the occurrence of ulcers and infections in the mouth.

As they are securely fitted, you will not have to hold them in place with your facial muscles when they come loose, allowing your facial muscles to relax and work on showing off your new smile.

Improved speech

When teeth are lost, lisping and other speech related impediments become more common, as your tongue is able to move into new gaps in the mouth as you speak.

When implants are fitted, your tongue is held in its correct position by your new teeth and as they do not move when pressure is applied, your pronunciation and speech will improve drastically.


Promotes bone regrowth

Lost teeth mean lost jawbone; when a tooth is gone, the jawbone recedes, as it is no longer holding anything in place.

If you have any natural surrounding teeth, this receding can cause them to destabilise, move and even fall out! Implants encourage jawbone to regrow, and to hold the metal implant in place, and thus allow stabilisation of surrounding teeth.

Natural appearance

Your dentist may use any previous photos of your teeth to mould your prosthesis and will colour match it to any remaining teeth you have in your mouth.

Not only will this provide a more natural appearance, there will be no uncomfortable protrusions of the lips or jaw line that can occur with larger than required dentures! 

Easy maintenance

Most restorative procedures require extensive care; bridges require you to have surrounding teeth checked for erosion and dentures require dental glues and washes to keep them in place and looking their best.

Implants require you to brush, floss and rinse as normal and make an additional trip to the hygienist to check that all is well. They are very easy to maintain and as you cannot lose them, they can be a great solution for people with poorer memories.

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