Planning to take your business forward with great strides? You need to increase traffic to your website. Wondering how you can do it? Why not take up a well-trodden path that has already given results?

You can use Facebook ads to increase traffic to your website. Wondering why you should use Facebook ads?

Here’s a quick look at the obvious benefits

So, if you’re using Facebook advertising, you can expect your business to get multiple advantages. However, at times, even after using Facebook advertising for your business, you find that you’re not getting the desired results.

Why is this happening?

But what is the most basic reason for which a Facebook ad might fail?

It’s because most of the marketers are not aware of the intricate ways that Facebook advertising functions. And many of them think it to be a basic thing, which can be built without having any specialized skills. Besides, only 6% of all Facebook pages advertise on Facebook.

Another mistake that a number of marketers commit while creating a Facebook ad is ignoring the nature of Facebook. Unlike other business platforms, it’s a social networking site. Hence, users usually are not in the frame of mind to purchase a thing when they’re on Facebook. And you have to keep this in mind while creating your Facebook advertisement.

One of the most important things that you must have for gaining results from a Facebook advertising campaign is an optimized advertisement. It’s extremely important to ensure that the advertisement that you’re posting on Facebook is created perfectly to deliver maximum results.

But how can you do that?

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the quick hacks to help you optimize your Facebook ads:

Device Properly Segmented Advertisements

The success of a Facebook ad campaign lies in proper planning. And an integral part of that planning is creating properly segmented advertisements.

Wondering how you can do this?

You must segment the desktop news feed ads and the right column ads separately. For example, to optimize the desktop news feed ads usually require larger images than their right column counterparts. You can use the options provided by Facebook to set these ads separately.

Create Separate Ads for Desktop and Mobile Users

Are you planning to reach out to both desktop and mobile users through your Facebook ads? Remember, there are 1.74 billion monthly active mobile Facebook users in 2017. Hence, it’s important to spread the word about your business to such a large number of audiences.

So, you must create ads for the users who access Facebook through a mobile device. However, you must not ignore the desktop users as well.

It’s important that you create your Facebook ads for both mobile as well as desktop users. However, you have to keep them separate. It’ll help you plan your ads and bids depending on the type of device of the user.

Target Behavior as a Category

There are multiple ways of targeting your audience for the Facebook ads. However, you need to understand the best practices and plan your strategy accordingly.

One of the best ways of creating your ads is to target the behaviors on Facebook to get maximum results. There are multiple categories that you can choose. These include demographics, interests, and so on. However, targeting behavior as the category is known to have the best effects.

Quick look at some of the behaviors you can target on Facebook

  • Mobile Device User
  • Digital activities
  • Consumer Classification
  • Seasonal and Events

Targeting the behavior is known to give wonderful results for your Facebook ads.

Use Re-marketing Prudently

Almost every online business websites experience visitors who reach the site through some specific traffic source. However, they do not convert immediately. One of the major reasons behind this is that, at that time they’re in a mode to compare the prices offered by various providers.

This does not mean they’re not going to purchase from you. However, by the time they reach the mode to purchase the product, they might forget completely about your business.

What’s the best way to solve this issue?

You must set up Re-marketing Pixel to convert these customers.

Wondering why you should do this?

There are multiple benefits of using the re-marketing campaign. However, you must also track the people who had reached the Thank You page of your website and stop campaigning to them, as they’re already converted customers.

Utilize the Carousel Ad Feature Creatively

Are you using Facebook Carousel to create an advertisement for your business?

Did you know you can do more with the Carousel ad?

With the Facebook Carousel ad, you can include as many as 10 cards. And each of these cards can have its own image or video. So, you can use different images or videos for the Carousel ad of your business on Facebook.

But that’s what most businesses do

However, some businesses are using the Carousel ads in unique ways.

Why not go for something as creative?

A lot of advertisers display various aspects of a single business through a Carousel ad by using different images. You can use a single image and create a large display with the Carousel ads. No doubt your advertisement will attract the attention of your target audience without much hassle.

Here’s an example

Remember, creativity pays. So, such an advertisement is sure to deliver better results without much hassle.


If you’re running a business, you must reach out to a large number of people to spread the word about it. Only then you can expect multiple leads to convert. Facebook provides you with the opportunity to reach out to a vast user base with least effort.

You can use Facebook advertising to speak about your offerings to a targeted audience. But before that, you must have a proper objective. Besides, remember to A/B test the ads to ensure they’re effective enough.

And if you can optimize the Facebook ads perfectly, you can expect your leads to convert, thus ensuring higher profit.

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