By using a very popular aligning system also used to treat a large range of dental issues, clear aligners, also known as liner trays are made from a clear plastic. They are known to fit very comfortably in the mouth and snug over your teeth and are designed to be discreet.

The liner trays gradually move to correct the position of your teeth and are meant to be worn for the majority of the day. Every few weeks your dental practice should exchange your trays, for a new set, until you have the smile that you are hoping to achieve.

There are so many brands available but the most important this is to use the liners as directed. If you do forget to use your trays, then it will only lengthen the time of treatment, and may not give you the results in the quickest time which was initially recommended to you.

Clear aligners can also be removed whenever you feel like removing them. They are braces, but they’re a type of brace that can be taken out whenever you decide to eat or drink making it easier to maintain the cleanliness of your teeth or the efficiency of the treatment.

They are also very popular among adult patients, and an alternative option to traditional metal and wire braces. Metal braces are still a type of brace that is used to achieve straightened teeth however nowadays there are options available to have discreet braces such as clear aligners.

There is even clear ceramic braces, which are powered by a very thin tooth colored wire to make it discreet.

With so many options available, why not see which one is best for you?

Why is it important to keep on top of those regular check-ups?

It is important to have a check up regularly to maintain a healthy mouth and maintain healthy and clean teeth.

General dentistry can be an array of treatments from cleaning the teeth professionally to remove plaque that has built up.  It could be to polish the teeth and generally clean them.  It is very important to make sure that you are on top of regular check ins with your dentist and this is because early signs of deterioration will be seen.

Tooth decay for example starts off in places where we may not be able to see however a professional would be able to treat that with a filling or advise another treatment to prevent it from becoming greater.  General oral health is important, so if we don’t visit the dentist we may not get those reminders we need to use floss regularly to clean in between the teeth.

Another reminder could be using sensitive toothpaste instead of normal or even something as small as using mouthwash before bed. Your natural teeth should last for a lifetime.

Whether you are a regular patient or not, Occasionally, people do have dental checkups and they may be regular or may not be regular patients. Some of you may have never had your oral and dental health and hygiene examined at all but there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about.

The most important step is the first one and remember, you’re seeking treatment and that is realization which is key to success.

Why worry when you can book a consultation with your dentist now! What are you waiting for?

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