Sales automation process uses software for optimizing, tracking and automating the sales cycle. The various benefits offered by the software include – automated sales activities, detailed forecasting, proper management of pipeline, and easy recording of client interactions. It can be integrated either with several applications or with single software. Either way, users will get to analyze and manage the complete sales cycle.

Optimization of sales processes is yet another advantage offered by sales automation. Altogether, the software organizes different element of a sales process in a manner that helps the sales manager to save his time and efforts. It reduces manual working, speeds up the whole process, and helps in creating happier customers.

Well if you have been wondering how come single software offers so many benefits, then here is your answer.  Read on to know how sales automation speeds up the sales process, while making it more efficient.

How Sales Automation Software Can Help

software helps

Automated Email Management
With so much advancement in the technology, there is absolutely no point for the managers to enter the data and update things (like the name of a prospective customer, time spent on calling the person, the reason for making the call, etc.) manually. All of this can be easily noted down using the software using the automation feature of CRM.

The main components of Automated Email Marketing Management include Email Ticketing System, Data Enhancement Module, Email Receipt Module and Intelligent Analysis Module. From allocating reference numbers to the mails to filtering out spams, retrieving relevant information from the databases and analyzing the content according to the tags- all this and much more is possible with sales automation tool.

Automated Distribution of the Leads
It’s indeed great when you have countless leads coming in. But what if your sales manager keeps them waiting in a queue for long. If he fails to distribute the leads timely for whatever reasons the leads are likely to turn cold. Wondering, how to close a sale? Organize your sales team according to your preference and particular business needs. On including the software in your sales process new leads are automatically assigned to the concerned sales representatives.

Furthermore, the software also optimizes and automates marketing campaigns. Marketers can easily create multiple campaigns and schedule execution at an optimal time. Once the campaigns are created Sales Force Automation software tracks the Return on Investment and progress of those campaigns from time to time.

Workflow Management and Lead Score Calculation

Workflow management feature of the sales automation software comes with a setup for monitoring the performance of sales representatives.  It helps businesses to manage the processes in a better way so that better results can be achieved through good co-ordination at work.

Plus, it is not practically possible to follow up several leads in one day. You need to rank the prospective customers (for calling) according to the priority set for each. Sales automation software calculates the lead score and helps in ranking the leads accordingly. The priority level is set on the basis of email opens, website clicks, and other actions of the prospects. This eases the job of reps and makes the sales process more effectively and faster.

Automates Inbound Approach for Nurturing the Leads
There is no point in creating a sales campaign for the lead that doesn’t intend to go ahead with the purchase. Usually, such prospects conduct extensive research before fixing the deal.  The inbound approach comes to rescue in such cases. Give your leads the information that they are looking for. It could be done either through a phone call or by emailing downloadable content.

Your benefits will be twofold. First, you’ll be saved from investing unnecessary efforts and time by not dealing with a cold audience. Secondly, you’ll still be nurturing your leads without typing any content. SFA automates content delivery and fulfills needs of the lead. Sales automation software also sends customized marketing campaigns to prospective buyers, manages inventory and streamlines the sales process.

The Final Say
Adapting to new technology and processes can be daunting and tricky, especially if the implementation is to be made on a large group of people. But things roll out quite easily once you familiarize yourself with the technological advancements.

Sales automation software is a boon for the sales managers who know how to get the best out of its features. It is not sufficient to rely on particular software completely to achieve sales targets. An individual approach is equally important for building some goodwill of your product/service before the prospects. Nevertheless, the fact can’t be denied that SFA makes things easier, speeds up the entire process and takes the sales to a whole new level.

Author Bio – Siddhata is a professional writer who has a keen interest in generating offbeat content at CompanyHub.