The heavy work can appear to be unbearable if you are not sufficiently motivated to do it. Everyone feels like executing office work as soon as possible and head towards home. However, what about the ones who can crack the toughest tenders? How do people manage to become the employees of the year? Why do people wish to work even after they retire?

Motivation is the key. If you practice some simple motivational tips, Mondays will become your favorite and Sundays will appear burdensome. Let’s grab those tricks now:

Stay healthy

Staying healthy is the main thing that would at least allow you to work. If your body doesn’t accompany you to work, definitely office hours are a big “no” for you. Eat fresh veggies and fruits throughout the day instead of carbs to keep your body internals awake. Don’t let your belly destroy your career and personality.

Be friends with colleagues

Work is important, but being friends with co-workers is indeed not a bad idea. Why did you enjoy going to college or school? You were compelled to study and yet you never took an absent? What is the reason? Well, let me tell you the fact.

You had friends and companions there. If you have ample friends at your workplace, naturally work stress will tremendously decrease. The overall working hours won’t pinch you.

Why are you late for work all the time? – How to Fix It?

The vehicle’s tire punctured,  getting fever, car accident that hampered your commute, traffic jam- individuals throughout the world have a million excuses (some of which are legitimate) for coming late for work.

A significant percentage of employees say that they are late to work at least once a month and some on a weekly basis. The ultimate reasons people blame for their delay are:

  • Traffic
  • Oversleeping
  • Bad weather
  • Too tired to get out of bed
  • Dawdling

In several organizations, some bosses are lenient about procrastination, and some are strict. Being late is not good for the employee’s professional reputation. Being late to work also increases the stress levels.

One can easily fix this issue of coming late by following these certain parameters. If your schedule is always tight and you feel terrified, you should always follow your targeted time of reaching 15 minutes early than the allotted time.

It is not a hard and fast rule that needs to be followed forever, try it for a week and analyze whether you are punctual or not. Arriving early does not mean that you have to work right away.

Keep extra 10- or 15-minute buffer in order to make yourself calm and composed. Catch up on personal talks and tasks with your colleagues to build a rapport with them. Interact with them so that they find you a fun person to be with.

Meditate to motivate yourself

If in case one thinks that the daily routine is not allowing one to meditate multiple times in a day, then taking out some time for meditating at least once a day is a viable option. Meditation is a crucial part of life. It is utmost important for one`s well-being and good health. Apart from trying to meditate, you must also resort to proper eating and sleeping habits.

Get help for an overcrowded schedule

Keep yourself motivated in times of distress. If you are overworked or overbooked, work pressure and stress is obvious to amplify over a period.

It even brings around clashes and resentment in the minds of employees. Prioritize your work accordingly so that every work of yours finishes before the deadline.

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