Knowing how to survive in a jungle is a matter of staying alert and taking the right actions. Your very life depends on how well you can brave the elements. Here are some jungle survival tips that can be followed for a safe trip. Core Survival Tips for Your Jungle Trip:

#1. Protection from predators
Every jungle has apex predators who hunt at will. Humans cannot match up to the physical strength and pace of large predators like jaguars, leopards, panthers, tigers, lions, and much more. Beware of the possibility of attacks by such predators, and take necessary precautions. Camouflage clothing can be of great help.

#2. Travel with an able companion
This sounds quite simple but is one of the greatest pieces of advice anyone can give you. Try to travel with friends or fellow explorers who are prepared to experience the thrills with you. You can help each other in case of any medical emergencies, and also work together for ensuring survival.

#3. Carry necessary medications
Infections from thorny bushes or insect bites are not uncommon during a jungle trip. You do not want to be helpless in the wilderness, as that can lead to a heavy fever and a host of different ailments, and even loss of life. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, having adequate medication is vital. One can gain information about the necessary constituents of a jungle first aid kit online.

#4. Seek suitable accommodation
This is an underrated survival tip but essential for those who are going on daylong trips. We can take the example of Tadoba national park resorts near the Tadoba reserve in India, which offers a range of accommodations for jungle visitors.

#5. Know how to start a fire
What good is catching some fresh fish from streams and ravines, if you cannot cook it? For cooking and also for keeping warm during jungle camp-outs, learning how to start a fire is essential. You can find tutorials online about how to start a fire even if you have nothing of your own to work with. You can carry matches and lighters.

#6. Avoid getting lost
A jungle exploration can go terribly wrong if you lose your way in the wilderness. There have been innumerable cases of people going around in circles for days on end. To avoid such situations, you need to mark locations. It can be chalk marks, ortwigs arranged in a certain manner, or rearranged rocks, or even a piece of cloth.

#7. Keep your folks informed
Do not go on a jungle trip without providing detailed information to your family, friends and even your colleagues. Tell them about your whereabouts, tour duration and time-line, and any information that can be considered as vital. If you go out of touch while in a foreign country, they can contact local authorities and organize a search and rescue operation.

The above-mentioned tips can keep you safe and secure during your jungle trip.