Until now, If you haven’t discovered models this article perhaps is meant to be read. Until now, If you haven’t seen sexiest man alive this man, India’s top male model Karan Oberoi is meant to be known.

Meet one of the most handsome hunks alive from India, Karan Oberoi model also known as KO among many is Indian supermodel worked for some of the leading brands and designer labels, and has walked three hundred plus fashion shows across globally.

An extremely intelligent guy who is a supermodel and rare to find a package he delivers to the world as a model.

This hot package made of style, adorable physique and sizzling looks is a craziest chic you shall find, where majority of boys and young men wants to be as charming as him and certainly considers Karan “KO” Oberoi as their role model and girls find him extremely hot.

His success as a top model made him India’s highest earning male model and the only chap to feature in the nation’s leading publications including Men’s Health cover page which is dream of many men in the world.

Karan Oberoi KO who is known for his amazing style, sensual physique, and different looks believes he had never demanded attention from people, the fact is he worked on himself day in and day out to stand apart is the special feature that made him stand apart.

Being getting noticed more depends upon how different you are from others that India’s leading male model Karan Oberoi certainly is!

Karan Oberoi model is well known stunner in Indian modelling market who has worked with some of the best established brands. Today he himself is a brand of his own, he is differentiated among other models because he stands apart, a scar face rugged looking guy, macho personality and body built like a lean machine which would definitely stop your eyes ball while goggling his images.

Perhaps it’s not just about shedding clothes all the time rather more about what makes you stand apart that gives you an identity and makes you sexier. This unique ability creates your own style which can be sexy too!

The way we our, with the individuality we possess can be sexy if it has touch of elegance, grace, fashion, charm and glamour!  Perfection is not the solution to look sexy.

Most  of men and women around the globe that are hot may not be perfect at all be that, their body or has to do anything with face. When you are not perfect that can be sexier too just like India’s sexiest male model  Karan Oberoi KO !!

Karan Oberoi KO  Bio/ Wiki 

  • Real Name: Karan Oberoi
  • Other names: KO, Karan Oberoi KO
  • Profession(s) : Model and Actor
  • Date of Birth:  26-September-1987
  • Karan Oberoi KO Age : 32 Years
  • Zodiac/Sun Sign:  Libra
  • Birth Place New Delhi, India
  • Home town New Delhi, India
  • Karan Oberoi KO Father : G.S.Oberoi
  • Karan Oberoi KO Mother : Ruby Oberoi
  • Karan Oberoi KO Sister: Ishween Sahiba

Karan “KO” Oberoi looks super hot
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