Has your broken iPad screen has you feeling like your world has shattered into a million pieces?  Although the broken screen will not cause your world to come to a standstill, yet it would leave you impoverished for sure when you go to get it repaired. Despite looking all strong and stout, the gadget which forms the centre of your universe is a delicate one, and any mishap can ruin for you the most important aspect of it – ah, it’s oh so perfect and wonderful HD display.

The broken screen not only does ruin its looks and working but also might be fraught with peril when it comes to your health as well as to the delicate nature of the gadget you are handling. Fortunately, we have the options of repairing your iPad and getting it back as good as new. Listed below are ways to reinstate your iPad to its former princely state.

Things you need to know before having your iPad repaired

  • Before getting it repaired, we must know the various parts which constitute your heartthrob and what can be the extent of damage occurring.
  • The iPad consists of several levels of components which can partly or entirely get damaged if exposed to a bump or a slipping and dropping from hands.
  • A glass panel, the touch screen and the LCD make our iPad or iPad.
  • Directly underneath the protective glass panel, we have the touchscreen – to use the jargon, the digitizer and under that lies our LCD.
  • If you can use the iPad even after its screen is decorated with shredded glass, the chances are that your display is still intact. If, however, you are unable to do so, your touch, as well as your display, have undergone damage.
  • The first thing to do in case your iPad is damaged is to find out how much would it cost you to restore your iPad to its former glory and what are the ways to do it. Unfortunately, Apple gadgets are as expensive to repair as they are to get new from the store.
  • The cost of iPad pro 12.9 Screen Replacement is somewhere between USD 600 to 649, if it has crossed the warranty period.
  • During the warranty period, however, the cost of repairing the iPad is significantly less.
  • If you go searching for some third party repairer, the warranty becomes null and void by itself.
  • It is wise, however, to ensure that you have all the facts regarding the costs and the source of the repaired parts sorted before you go to a third party repair person, Apple authorised or otherwise. Checking the reviews, if the repair company has enough credentials is also important.


There are many DIY kits to get your iPad sorted. Ensure that you have the right kit for your device as all kits don’t go with all devices. Also, make sure that you know which part of the device is damaged to get it correctly repaired.