If you are like most people, when it comes to choosing a dental practitioner, you probably choose the one that is closest to your home.

When dental surgeries were only able to perform general dentistry and maybe some whitening procedures, this would have been the ideal way to pick a suitable surgery for you and your family.

However, as the average dental practice has advanced in its techniques relating to both cosmetic and restorative options, you may find you want a dental team that can offer you a bit more than a biannual check-up and clean.

Indeed, many dental surgeries are now able to offer far more advanced techniques than ever before, meaning that there may be more to look for when choosing a dental surgery.

So, whether you are new to Sydney, or are just looking for something new from dentistry, what are some of the more advanced treatments that your potential dentist in Sydney can offer?


Once associated with a long procedure involving bleach, any potential dentist that you look at should be able to offer you a choice of whitening techniques.

Even if your teeth are sensitive, your dental team should be able to offer you a suitable option that will whiten your smile by up to 16 shades, without causing discomfort.


A great option for those who have lost teeth and are fed up with dentures or bridges, oral implants are now offered by almost every dental practice.

Fitted to your jaw, this is a restorative option that provides realistic-looking teeth that also feel natural  when you bite into food.

They are secure and do not cause sores or ulcers on your gums. Best of all, with proper aftercare and hygiene, they can last up to 40 years! Brilliant!

dental surgery in Sydney

Nervous patients

If you are nervous about attending a dental check-up, don’t be.

Many dental surgeries are able to offer sedatives to nervous patients, and can even provide in chair distractions such as listening to music or watching television.

Similarly, if one of your children is worried about having to attend a dental check-up, you may be surprised at how many dental surgeries can accommodate and help a nervous patient feel more comfortable. Perfect!


OK, so earlier dental whitening techniques were mentioned in relation to how gentle they can be on your teeth.

However, if you also have a few gaps, cracks or chips in your sensitive teeth, you may want to ask any potential dental surgery about having dental veneers fitted.

A thin layer of porcelain that is placed on the front of the teeth, veneers can offer instant whitening, while also reducing sensitivity. Perfect for a fast smile makeover!


And of course, while most dental surgeries offer child based orthodontics, many are now offering clear and invisible braces to adults.

Every brand from Invisalign to the Inman aligner may be offered to you, meaning that you don’t have to undertake metal braces to straighten out your smile as an adult. Great stuff! 


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.