Having relatives and friends staying over at your place is one of the greatest traditions of hospitality. However, many people nowadays are reluctant to throw open their doors to guests because of lack of space in their homes; the guest room especially may be a trifle small. Knowing well that your guest room may never be the same as a room at a five-star hotel, you can take a lot of small steps to ensure it is just as comfortable for your guests.

A Bed Comfortable Enough for a Good Night’s Sleep
If you are a frequent traveler and stay in hotels, you will know how they are competing furiously with each other to offer beds that are comfortable beyond compare so that their guests never have a reason to complain about sleep quality. Sure, you will never have a similar budget for a high-tech bed but you can surely endeavor to offer your guests a bed that they would be happy to sleep in.

Drop the idea of making your guests sleep on a small sofa or even a foam pad and ensure that you can at least provide them a queen size bed to dream at night. A couple of comfortable pillows are also necessary, as is freshly-laundered color-coordinated linens. Even if the guest is an old friend or a close relative don’t take him for granted and pull out the stuff you yourself are using.

To make your guests feel special you don’t have to rob the bank and buy high-class designer sheets sets and towels. Stock up at the annual sales that most retailers organize to get rid of discontinued sets or go online to get some really fabulous deals all through the year. Make sure you do not forget about a comforter, quilt or a good warm blanket in case you live where the weather is chilly.

A Corner Where They Can Relax
With the sort of busy lives we all lead, it is very unlikely that you would be available to entertain your house guests all the time. It is also quite likely that they would require some private space and time to attend to their own business away from you or your family. Ensure that you equip your guest room with an ottoman, a writing desk, and a comfortable chair.

Get Rid Of the Clutter
With the general paucity of space in residential properties, it is quite likely that you would have been using the guest room as a storage space or as a den. You will thus need to devote some time and effort in clearing up the stuff to make space for your guest to settle in. You can empty out the dresser, clothes cabinet, the table, the shoe rack or closet and what have you. This will ensure that there is sufficient space for your guest to stow away all his personal belongings and not be concerned about mixing up his stuff with yours.

Some Little Touches
Make sure that you have a reading light in your guest room and that it is working because most people do like to read for a little time before going off to sleep. Place some current magazines and novels in a handy spot. Having a switch that can be reached from the bed is a great idea as your guest will not have to fumble around in the dark.

Similarly, a switch for the bathroom near the door is a thoughtful touch. If your budget permits, install a television in the guest room so that your guests can enjoy seeing whatever channel they want without disturbing you. Including stationery with pens, pencils, writing-paper, envelopes, etc. is a great idea, as is a telephone, though in this age of cellular communication it may not be essential.

A pair of slippers and a robe would also be highly appreciated by most people as these are the first things to be dropped when packing light. A bottle of drinking water and some fresh flowers can make the stay really comfortable, relaxing, and memorable.