Space to breathe

‘Far from the madding crowds’ of the capital, nestled in the sleepy rolling hills of England’s South, lies the town of South Malling, in the district of Kent. It is an area renowned for its rich and vibrant history and scenery, with many points of historical significance and interest.

One of these being Manor Park Country Park, a 52 acre former private gardens of a stately home, purchased by the Kent Council and opened to the public in 1973.

However, although there may be an abundance of historical, heritage sites in the area, there are also all the 21st century amenities that one may expect to find in a village dwelling of its size, and anyone looking for a high-quality, professional dentist in Kings Hill need not fear.

Space to breathe

A different breed of dentists

One such dental practitioner operating out of Kings Hill, South Malling, is One Smile Oral Care. Their specially trained staff and team of dental practitioners have been providing residents and beyond with a degree of professionalism, consideration and care within dentistry befitting the good-natured manner and charm of the practice’s surroundings.

Led by Dr Ben Mortazav, who trained in Germany, the highly trained professional team of Yasmin George, and Amir Malek are on hand to make patients feel at ease and to guide them through every stage of the dental procedure.

Mortazav and his team offer a whole array of dental procedures across a range of both cosmetic and structural issues. By combining some of the most advanced dental techniques and technologies with their combined first-hand dental experience, the team at One Smile Oral Care seamlessly mix 21st century science and innovation with artistry.

Some of the procedures offered at One Smile Oral Care include treating missing teeth, chipped or broken teeth, general bite dysfunctions, superficial stains or washed-out fillings, crooked or overcrowded teeth and any discomfort or sensitivity patients may experience.

treatment for all

Treatment for all

Patients seeking treatment at One Smile Oral Care can do so, safe in the knowledge that they will be seen in a calm, professional manner. It is this approach to dentistry that has helped the practice gain the high level of esteem from members of the South Malling community and beyond.

Some of the most popular procedures offered at One Smile Oral Care are the range of cosmetic dental options. These are generally opted for to tackle any superficial stains, deterioration or damage to teeth, and also address issues that centre around misaligned or overlapping teeth.

Cosmetic dental treatments are primarily used to make teeth appear more clean, and together – rather than dealing with any deep-rooted structural issues or trauma.

One Smile Oral Care offer an entire range of cosmetic dental procedures, including the installation of dental veneers, tooth whitening and gum alterations – and cosmetic periodontal surgery.

Treatments of this nature can be massively beneficial in boosting a patient’s self-esteem and confidence as they help the overall appearance of their teeth and as such afford them the ability to smile fully, without any potential embarrassment they may have previously felt due to having unsightly, stained or damaged teeth.

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