Healthcare institutions are moving from paper charts to using (EHR) electronic health records as they can save time, money and be accessed on demand. EHR benefits the entire ecosystem including hospitals, doctors, and patients.

Fewer errors take place; communication is greatly improved; caregivers are able to make well-informed decisions with complete patient information and actionable information can be derived from collected data. However, there still exists the challenge of clinical communication that can be surpassed through advanced EHR integration. The interface, conversion, and application processes are simplified and facilitate sophisticated data exchanges. Through this, clinical communication and collaboration will be substantially improved resulting in better patient outcomes.

How To Improve Communications To Maximize EHR Integration

EHR Integration

The Role Of EHR
It is clear that through EHR integration, hospitals benefit from better connectivity that leads to better outcomes. Providers seeking for information of exchange use EHRs as a system of record. But electronic health records have also expanded into a fully-fledged system of communication channel supporting secure emails, messages, notices and chat applications. Conversely, though these communication factors existed, they were not used to their maximum potential. Communication practices were difficult to manage, unclear and inconsistent throughout the system. This led to hesitation among clinical officials and physicians to use communication channels as part of EHR integration.

Better Care Through Communications Platform
For effective communication to take place, an enterprise healthcare communication platform is essential to complement EHR integration. Many healthcare leaders in the industry are realizing the communication challenges and are looking for custom patient portal communication solutions for better patient care. Current business practices and technical capabilities pave the way to tailor made connectivity that will be integrated into electronic health records. This is possible through a custom solution in terms of usability, information architecture, content and visual interaction as per your unique communication needs.

Benefits of Improved Communications
It is imperative for flawless communication in the healthcare ecosystem. For a successful outcome, patients, physicians, nurses, and caregivers must be able to contact each other or communicate the right information across all software systems. Only a fully integrated and a robust communication platform can ensure that this takes places in addition to a faster response time. Collaboration between EHR integration and the platform can ensure that your teams are communicating well and are able to deliver information securely and quickly. The advantages through electronic health records can be used to leverage business communication systems and optimize workflows.

The EHR integration with a custom communication platform supports all functions of the medical industry including clinical and non-clinical. This means individuals without credentials can access the platform additionally. A patient’s experience is truly augmented in this case as everybody in the entire spectrum of care from doctors, nurses, and members from other services such as transport, food, and environmental services are involved. The major benefit from a communications standpoint is that this platform supports third party systems which can be maintained through interoperability and support integration of standards such as the use of APIs and HL7.

A single enterprise-wide directory as part of electronic health records that is web-based serves as one point of information that is accessible to the entire hospital. The contact information of all staff is readily available and different types of information related to various roles are regularly updated. This ensures quick connectivity among users during the time of need and removes any manner of communication breakdowns that can take place. An added advantage of this platform is that on-call schedule integration is readily accessible by all segments during an emergency. Apart from that, multiple devices are supported so users can quickly use the electronic device available with them or near them to access information to be able to communicate effectively.

Aegis Health Tech, a collaborative solution provider, works with you in terms of EHR Integration Services either by complementing your existing software or implementing a new one based on your business needs. We provide a rich feature package through which your patients and physicians can communicate efficiently. Our experience in this domain tagged with our technical expertise can help develop a comprehension solution plan for your business.