Mix-matching has been on the trend for a long time now. Gone are the days when uniformed three-piece furniture is the center of attraction in the living room. Today, many homeowners love to get creative with their interior decor.

For instance, they love to mix-match shapes, colors, and designs of their furniture pieces. Living rooms adorned with various layers of styles and designs are dynamic and captivating to the eyes. It makes your living area lively, vibrant, and sparkling.

Yes, it is important to get creative in this project, but sometimes the lack or surfeit of creativity can break your interior design. You should make sure that you avoid getting reckless with your creativity. A sloppy manner of mix-matching furniture can make your living room look chaotic.

For you to make your mix-matching project a success here are some points for you to consider.

Strike a Balance among the Mix
In any redesigning or renovating project, there is a great chance that there are some pieces of furniture you cannot just throw away. For sentimental or whatever reasons, you just wish to keep them. The good thing is that you can keep these beloved items. In mix-matching, old furniture can still be put on display along with the new ones, as long as you keep the right scale of every piece. Keeping the same depth and height of old and new furniture pieces, for example,  is crucial when you are mix-matching. You need to follow this rule on mix-matching because you would not want a mess of disproportionate furniture pieces in your living room.

Blend in Different Styles
Choosing overly formal furniture pieces is a no-no if you want to make your living room as a space for enjoyment and relaxation. Make sure that you pick out simple furniture pieces in soft tones and plain lines, even if they differ in style. You will make your mix-matching organized and cohesive if you have the right blends of various styles of your furniture pieces. By doing this, you will make the ambiance of your living room interesting and relaxing.

Put on an Accent Piece in Vibrant Patterns and Colors
You cannot call it mix-matching when you fail to choose an accent piece. You should pick out a furniture piece that surpasses others in their aesthetic appeal. And how to do this? Well, you just have to put a furniture piece in bold patterns and colors. For example, you must display an accent piece that contrasts with the simplicity and ordinariness of other furniture pieces. Whether it be a vibrant sofa or a colorful ottoman, it is an excellent accent piece to make a bold statement for your living room.

Mix in Various Styles from Different Era
It is an excellent and proven method of mix-matching to blend ottomans, sofas, or chairs from different generations. Aside from the fact that it creates an organized living room, it also makes a wide-ranging aesthetic appeal for it. You can match a modern couch with an ottoman which has a traditional design in the same color for harmony. Not only that you will save plenty of money when you recycle old furniture pieces, but you also make your living area look attractive.

Dare to Go Outside the Box
If you are bent on doing a mix-matching project, it is important that you should not be afraid of your creativity. For sure, it is a good idea to create something original and beautiful. Do not be afraid to blend furniture pieces in neutral colors with pieces in bold patterns. A living area drowning in neutral colors is a no-no in the book of mix-matching.

You should put much importance on the style and design of your living room. For sure, you can find many methods when it comes to this, and mix-matching is one these methods. When mix-matching, it is crucial that you let your creativity do the work. Just keep in mind that in your creativity, you are not reckless. Blend in furniture pieces in various styles, shapes, colors, and designs.

Yassi Parrish is a home improvement blogger and a single mom. She loves to write topics about interior designs and tips on DIY home improvement projects, with Black Mango as her source of the latest home essentials. In her free time, she loves to travel or go out for a movie date with her kids.