One of the most popular dental cosmetic procedures available at present is that of dental implants.

An upgrade from traditional dentures and bridges, implants offer the wearer a higher degree of security alongside correcting both the strength and precision of the bite. Made to match any surrounding natural teeth, implants also offer a cosmetic appeal, creating a perfect smile.

Although implants can be used to fill the gap of one tooth in a smile or can replace an entire set of missing teeth, like many procedures that are now available to the general population, implants have developed a set of misleading myths surrounding them.

Many people who would benefit from having implants fitted avoid discussing them with their dentist in Mackay, leaving dental patients with potentially wobbly or ill fitting dentures.

In this article, the truth behind the myths will be explored, creating a more accurate look at the process and reality of having dental implants.

Myth 1- Having implants is painful

It is easy to see where this myth came from, however, like most things in dentistry, this has been exaggerated!

People who have had dental implants fitted are numbed during the procedure and afterwards, although there may be a feeling of slight bruising or soreness around the implant site. However, this discomfort has been compared to having a dental extraction and is controllable with over the counter painkillers.  If you have any severe discomfort after an implant procedure, it should be checked by the dental provider who fitted the implants.

Myth 2- Implants are really expensive!

Any dentist in Mackay who is able to fit implants will not necessarily ask for payment upfront.

Depending on how many implants are being fitted, the cost will vary, but most dental surgeries are able to offer their patients payment plans or finance, allowing them to spread the cost of the procedure over several months.

Myth 3- It is too much work having dental implants

Once the implants have healed and the prosthetic tooth or teeth are fitted, having implants is no different than having natural teeth.

However, many patients wrongly assume that they can now neglect their oral hygiene as there is no chance of decay but if you have implants, they will require twice daily cleaning, flossing, gargling mouthwash and biannual visits to your dental surgery for a check-up. Mouths with implants can still develop gum disease or infections, so it is important to maintain oral hygiene.

Myth 4- They look really fake


If you have natural teeth in your mouth, when designing the prosthesis to fill a gap, your dental provider will colour, shape and size match your new tooth.

If you want to have your teeth whitened, you will be happy to know that implants can also be whitened, so they will always match the surrounding teeth.

Myth 5- The recovery time isn’t worth it

Most people who have had implants will tell you that the benefits far outweigh the issues.

Recovery time varies and once the gum has healed, you will be left with fully functioning teeth that look and feel great!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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