The world of Ayurveda remains incomplete if we don’t mention the name of neem. Every ayurvedic cosmetics company is using neem extracts in various formulations for its amazing benefits. In ayurveda, neem is used to treat vaata disorders or neuro muscular aches. Other benefits of using neem includes:

  • Purify blood
  • Protection against free radicals in the body
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Treat insect bites
  • Treat ulcers
  • Treat acne
  • Treat other skin infections and burns

Neem is powerful herb that kills the bacteria that causes infections. It stimulates immune system and encourages faster healing. Herbal products manufacturing companies are using neem for formulations related to:

  • Anti dandruff
  • Eye drops
  • Zit treatment
  • Ear ailments
  • Toothpaste

Most parts of the neem tree are excessively bitter except its flowers. White and delicate neem flowers are too pretty to be eaten. They have therapeutic use. The flowers have a sweet, jasmine like scent. During monsoon, you will see a bunch of neem flowers scattered under the tree. In Tamil Nadu, people use these neem flowers in their fresh, dried, or in a powdered form. In Southern parts of India, neem flowers are also used in preparation of dishes like rasam, flower rice, lentils, etc.

Neem flower can be used to treat different ailments, including:

  • Anorexia
  • Nausea
  • Belching
  • Intestinal worms
  • Headache
  • Eye diseases
  • Skin diseases

Neem bark and twigs

In India, people chew neem twigs to clean their teeth. The essential oils present in the twig helps in fighting against germs. It maintains the alkaline levels in your saliva, kills bacteria, makes gums stronger and gives you pearly white teeth. You don’t get plaque problem if you use neem twigs.

Herbal personal care products manufacturing companies are using neem essential oil or extract to their toothpaste range to give you best oral care. Neem oil is extracted from neem seeds. It is a great ingredient and is used in cosmetics and beauty products, such as soaps, shampoos, hand wash, hair oil, etc. You can even use neem oil as a natural mosquito repellent.

Other exceptional uses of neem oil

Blackheads blocker: just add 2-3 drops of neem oil to 1teaspoon of water and apply the mix over blackheads. Once you repeat this remedy regularly, it will remove all blackheads and prevent them from reoccurring.

Anti ageing: you can add neem oil to face pack and avail anti-ageing benefits.

Hair growth serum: Mix coconut oil and neem oil is similar ratio and rub it into the scalp. You can leave the oil overnight and wash hair next day. This will help in treating hair fall and dandruff issues. Your tresses will turn stronger and longer.

You now know why every ayurvedic cosmetics company is including neem extracts to its various formulations. This herb has special place in ayurveda world and people in India often use neem for different purposes. If you know any other different use which we have forget to mention, do write in comment section below.

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