There are primarily three reasons why an SSL Certificate is very important for any website. The first is the basic requirement of data security. Any website is accessed using some web browser, and it is maintained on a web server. Whenever a user browses the web site or navigates to links on the website, or carries out any e-commerce transaction on that website, there is an exchange of data between the server and the browser. What an SSL Certificate does is to secure that data, and makes it safe from theft or misuse by hackers.

The second reason is to build customer trust. Whenever a user browses a website which has an SSL Certificate, then they will see the website marked in green, and a ‘s’ added to the beginning of the URL, and also the provider’s seal displayed on the website. When users don’t see this, they can easily make out that the website doesn’t have SSL Certification. And this impacts their trust on the website. And if that trust is not there, then no financial transactions will take place using this website.

Secure Ecosystem with Premium SSL Certificates

The third and final reason for an SSL Certificate is that it has been added by Google as one of the ranking points for their search ranks. So if a website doesn’t have this certificate, then it would stand to lose out on the search results, which is not at all acceptable.

There are several types of certifications available, but most clients get confused between deluxe and premium SSL Certificates. The major difference them is the complexity and severity of the vetting process before the certificate is awarded. The premium certificate needs a more comprehensive vetting process, and therefore is valued more. This process includes the verification of the legal identity and existence of the company which has requested for certification. Let us look at the vetting process of Premium SSL Certificates.

  1. Legal Existence: Every company is incorporated with the official department which deals with commerce and industry. The Premium Certificate would only be awarded after verifying that the requestor is indeed a legal entity.
  2. Unique Identifier: Whenever a company is registered, it gets a unique registration number. That cannot be replicated or used by anyone else.
  3. No Claimant: The requesting entity who wishes to get premium SSL cerificates must have the absolute right to use a domain name. The process of vetting includes a verification of that.

What could be some of the factors to consider before applying for a premium certification?

  • Cost: A premium certification is more stringent, so it would be costlier than a deluxe certification. But you must compare the different providers and check who is giving the best possible prices.
  • Experience: The provider must have relevant experience in the issue of premium certifications. The website of the provider would contain details of their tenure and their major clients.
  • Speed of Installation: Although it is known that a premium certification would take more time because of the extended process of validation, yet one must compare the time taken by different providers.
  • Exclusivity: The provider should ideally be one who specifically deals in premium SSL certificates. If you go for a company which ‘also’ does certification, then you might not get adequate expertise and face problems.

If a company is going in for premium certification, then it would expect the benefits from that certification. Even though the process might take longer because of the additional validation steps, but because of the same reason the user would accord greater respect and trust. In this age of hundreds of websites and hundreds of certificate providers, it is very important for both sides to identify quality and go for it – every website should go for a good SSL certification because of the benefits listed at the beginning, while a service provider should ensure that the certification it provides actually serves the purpose.

There are so many companies providing these certifications, that it becomes very difficult to choose the one that is best for our purpose. But before that, it is also important to understand the different types of certificates, and choose the one that is useful for us. We suggest to Buy Buy Premium SSL Certificates. Right Now They Are Offering 70% Discount on Premium SSL Certificates.