When you receive teeth straightening treatment it is highly likely that your dental professional will need to use putty to take bite impressions of your mouth. This can be incredibly uncomfortable, causing you to gag and be unable to speak or breathe through your mouth comfortably whilst the impression is being taken.

With Invisalign iTero in London you can eliminate your need to go through this experience.

Instead of using putty to gain an understanding of the position of your teeth, your practitioner will use advanced technology to capture a 3D image of them. With this image you will be able to see what your teeth will look like at the end of your treatment and how they will shift at each stage during your treatment.

messy bite impression

A new and innovative way to straighten your teeth

The treatment process is straightforward and simple and will achieve the results you desire quickly and efficiently. Approaching the straightening of teeth in a completely different way than traditional braces, your aligners will be clear and unnoticeable to others, fitting nicely over the top of your original teeth.

You will also be able to take them out easily for both brushing and eating, both of which can prove more complex tasks when you have fixed braces to think about too. Being able to remove them means that you can clean your teeth efficiently and there is less chance of plaque building up around your appliance.

When you are eating you will not need to worry about any food getting stuck in your braces either, meaning you can eat confidently wherever you are.

These aligners are able to correct almost all uneven teeth issues and work by gradually pushing or pulling your teeth into straighter positions, giving your smile a much more even appearance. You will be able to spot a difference in your smile sooner than you think, as each set of aligners only needs to be worn for two weeks at a time, enabling you to notice changes that have taken place each time you need to move on to your next set.

Whilst you can take your aligners out for eating and teeth cleaning, you must ensure that you are wearing them for at least twenty-two hours of the day, otherwise the treatment will not work as planned. How many sets of aligners you need to wear in total will depend upon how much your teeth need to move to get into straight positions. Some people will need as little as twelve sets of aligners whilst others will need many more.

Affordable treatment for you and your children

Affordable dental treatment

Worrying about cost is normal when you are opting to have a more advanced treatment. However, dental practices usually offer monthly direct debits where you can pay a set amount towards your treatment each month until it is paid off, if you are concerned about not being able to afford your treatment up front.

As well as being affordable, this treatment is suitable for children and teenagers too. They have developed a special teen range of aligners that are especially easy to take out and have a blue indicator strip to indicate how much they have been worn. The indicator strip is a handy addition for parents who are trying to monitor whether their child is wearing their aligners enough.