Smiles, all around

Soho, in the centre of London, is considered to be the epicentre of the city’s vibrant nightlife, and fashion culture. Whilst styles of clothing are constantly fluid by nature, one of the prevailing things evident throughout all of the city’s fashion elite, is a full set of white, shining teeth.

During recent years, there has been a significant rise in the amount of people calling upon the aid of a cosmetic dentist in Soho, to achieve a whiter, straighter and more healthy looking smile.

The rationale behind this spike in dental interest may come from a number of factors, with many believing that the rise in social media documentation is the reason behind a rise in the desire to have straighter, healthier looking teeth, Others believe that exposure to the ‘perfect’ teeth of celebrities through media and television which people are constantly viewing is another reason for the increased focus on having aesthetically pleasing teeth.

Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that a record number of people across London and beyond are seeking out cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Shine like stars

One of the most popular methods of cosmetic dentistry – across all age demographics – is cosmetic teeth whitening. This is a procedure which has been designed to eradicate years of superficial staining on a patient’s teeth almost instantaneously, and leave them with a whiter, healthier looking smile.

As you age, the natural enamel – the outermost layer of tooth – can become yellowed or dulled. Additionally, those who smoke, drink staining fluids such as red wine or black coffee, or who take certain prescription medications, may find this staining to be worsened.

Through cosmetic tooth whitening however, this dullness can be reversed almost instantaneously, which can have a massively positive effect on the self-esteem and confidence of those who seek treatment.

The process of receiving cosmetic tooth whitening initially involves a consultation. This is carried out to assess a patient’s eligibility for whitening treatment, and detail the positive effects that treatment can have.

Thereafter, provided that the patient is content with the process and wishes to continue with treatment, the whitening is carried out. This involves the dental practitioner applying a thin layer of a peroxide-based dental whitening gel directly to the front of the patient’s teeth, before shining a specialist UV light to them.

This UV light activates the bleaching agent inside the gel, which acts almost immediately, clearing away years of stains and discolouration. Cosmetic tooth whitening allows patients to walk out of a dental practice the very same day with a renewed sense of self-confidence and a shining, whiter smile.

In line with the times

In line with the times

Another method of cosmetic dentistry which is massively popular, is the installation of discreet dental aligners like Invisalign.

These are a relatively new method of discreet orthodontics which negate the need for typical tools such as fused brackets and wires, by swapping them for a transparent, removable plastic retainer.

This retainer is made from a patented, specialised dental plastic called Smarttrack, and uses specifically targeted pressure points inside it to slowly move the patient’s teeth back to their correct alignment.

The Invisalign method is greatly favoured over conventional methods of orthodontics by many teenagers and young adults. This may be due to the fact that it affords them the ability to undergo essential orthodontic realignment, without getting any undesired attention.

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